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The D-Bomb, Realpolitik, Zelensky’s Self-Serving ‘Heroics’ & What ‘Mixed-Race’ Really Means 12/22/2022
Forget Iran, China And Hunter: Americans Are Suffering 12/08/2022
The Hell With Hunter; Call Joe In For Hearings On Treason, Cancel The Neocons While You’re At It 11/24/2022
Ron DeSantis Delivers First Principles In Action 11/10/2022
Say It! The DemonCrats Are The Party Of Perverts 10/27/2022
Race And Sex Hegemons To Control The Skies 10/20/2022
Testosterone: Going… Going… Gone! 10/06/2022
Biden Gets Demonic With MAGA America, GOP Is MIA (Except For Gov. Ron DeSantis) 09/22/2022
Mourning The Queen— But Did Elizabeth II Drop The Ball? 09/15/2022
Bar Meghan Markle From The Great Lady’s Funeral 09/08/2022
Republican Strategy for Winning: Defend the Enemy’s Embryos 09/01/2022
My Talk With The ‘Jolly Heretic’ About South Africa And The Future Of America 08/11/2022
Conservation IS Conservative: BLM? Black-And-Yellow Lives Matter 08/04/2022
Crappy Conservative Thinking: Protecting Power, Not Freedom 07/23/2022
A Society Of Deviants Sanctions Onanism With An Infant 07/07/2022
Should Deranged, Moronic Females Really Be Procreating? 06/30/2022
Uvalde Cops Come A Cropper: Evil In Action 06/02/2022
2-Party Pox: The Republicans Suck AND The Democrats Want To Kill You 05/26/2022
Tucker Cancels GOP, So Should You: ‘Republicans Have Done Nothing To Defend YOU’ 05/19/2022
Ukraine’s Azov Battalion: Nazis Or Just Nationalists? 05/12/2022
Bleeding Russia Dry And Then Next Color Revolution 05/05/2022
‘Tarded’ Medical Idiocrat Won’t Treat ‘Unscannables’ Like Me 04/21/2022
U.S. Cancels Countries, Kills Ancient, Civilizing Concept Of Neutrality 04/07/2022
It’s Biblical, Zelensky: A Leader Who Fails To Haggle For The Lives Of His People Has Failed 03/24/2022
True Story: Russia Finds WMD In Ukraine! 03/10/2022
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