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Extradited! Why Assange Fears Being ‘Epsteined’ 12/23/2021
CNN’s Sinophobic Zakaria Is Clueless: China Is Reactionary, Returning To Confucianism; Not Communism 12/16/2021
Charlottesville: Being White, RIGHT & Rightless – No Speech, No Assembly; No Safety 12/09/2021
The OMG! Variant: The West’s Disgraceful Response 12/06/2021
FDA Makes Fools Of Pfizer ‘Clot-Shot’ Recipients; Candace Kneecaps Caucasians 11/25/2021
Republicans’ Main Focus: Showing Off How Black-Focused They Are 11/18/2021
Take Your Medicine, Little Man, Or Lose Your Meal Ticket 11/15/2021
Learjet Liberals Against Gasoline and Goshawks In Glasgow 11/04/2021
Self-Ownership And The Right To Reject The Pharma-State’s Hemlock 10/28/2021
For The West To Survive, Christians Must Toughen Up 10/21/2021
U.S. Kids Can’t Read, Write Or Do Math, But Are No. 1 In Critical Race Theory 10/14/2021
The Fauci Quiz: How Many Americans Did Gnome, M.D., Allegedly Kill? 10/07/2021
In Praise Of Whipping Horsemen: ‘Whip Or Rein’ Was Never The Question 09/30/2021
Centralize Liberty: The Solution To Wicked, Woke Tech (Part 3) 09/23/2021
No, Lara Logan, Only Simpletons Think Afghanistan Is Simple 09/16/2021
Empire’s Soldiers Head To Afghanistan To Defend The Homeland And Their Homeboys 09/09/2021
Vetting Afghan Immigrants For A Religious Comorbidity (Islam) 09/02/2021
Afghanistan: Bringing The Military-Industrial-Complex Home 08/26/2021
Biden Decamps From Dark Ages Afghanistan, Infuriates Dems, GOPers And Globalists: BRAVO! 08/19/2021
Justice Thomas’ Solution to Big Tech’s Social And Financial Excommunication (Part 2) 08/12/2021
Big Tech’s Financial Terrorism And Social Excommunication (Part 1: The Problem) 08/05/2021
January 6 Committee: Menstrual America Vs. MAGA America 07/29/2021
Conservative ‘Kids’: Not Dazed Or Confused, But Combative 07/22/2021
South Africa Shames U.S. Democrats By Uniting Against Criminality 07/16/2021
A Woman Of The Right: The Person Vs. The Polemicist 07/08/2021
Mad, #MeToo Matriarchy Ensnared Bill Cosby 07/01/2021
Candace On Tucker Is Wrong About ‘Riot And Rut’ Crowd 06/24/2021
Murray’s Empirical Wisdom Confirms ‘Into The Cannibal’s Pot’s’ Analytical Truths 06/17/2021
N.Y, Shrink Aruna KhilaWhiteMan: A Made-In-America Monster 06/10/2021
Conversation: Distinguish Critical Race Theory From Marxism: Your Life Depends On It! 06/03/2021
A White-Out Of Whites: Ignoring The Albino, Dhimmi Elephant In The Room 05/27/2021
The Moral Writer’s First Commandment: Cite Your Sources! 05/20/2021
Conversations On Systemic Anti-Whiteness 05/20/2021
Earth To Conservatives: The Problem Is ‘Systemic Anti-Whiteness,’ Not Marxism, Not ID Politics 05/10/2021
Losers: Markle And A Meritless McCain. Winner: The Queen 04/22/2021
On The Backs Of Poor Whites? How J.D. Vance Elites Become Elites 04/20/2021
Could Vaccine Resisters Be WACO’d? 04/08/2021
Resist the Left’s Conflation of ‘Racism’ With the Law, for Chauvin and Beyond 04/01/2021
America’s Radical, Foreign-Policy Alinskyites Destroyed South Africa! 03/25/2021
The Wussification Of The West: Will We Ban Shakespeare For Othello And Shylock? 03/11/2021
AOC’s Coven of Spitting, #MeFirst Cobras Comes To Congress 03/04/2021
Systemic, Institutional Rot: From Big Freeze In Texas To Fires In Cali 02/25/2021
Still Addicted To That Rush: Revisiting The ‘09 CPAC Speech 02/18/2021
Rising Republican Rotters To Look Out For 02/11/2021
Trumpeting The Hardcore Libertarian Take On Jan. 6 Capitol Incident 02/04/2021
The Ongoing Insurrection Against MAGA America 01/28/2021
A Hardcore Libertarian Take On The Storming Of The Capitol Building 01/21/2021
Deep Tech: Locked Down And Locked Out, First By The State, Then By Silicon Valley 01/14/2021
MAGA Patriots: The Best of People In The Worst of Times 01/07/2021
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