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Defending Gaza (Part I): Natural-Law Principles Vs. National-Interest Statism 06/09/2024
The Jewish State Is Genocidal, But Is Israeli Society Sick, Too? 05/21/2024
ISRAEL: In Violation Of God’s Law, Natural Justice, The Laws Of War, And All Customary International Humanitarian Law 03/31/2024
Hermetically Sealed Indictment Of The Jewish Taliban’s Mass Murder And Ethnic Cleansing In Gaza 01/04/2024
Campus Kids Could Deliver Gaza From The Great And Little Satan 04/26/2024
PODCAST: ‘Iran Tries To Restore Regional Balance; Israel Continues To Murder And Get Away With Murder’ 04/16/2024
BOOK: The Paleolibertarian Guide To Deep Tech, Deep Pharma & The Aberrant Economy 02/23/2024
Gaza Vs. Fallujah: Barbaric Blitzkrieg Highlights U.S. Marines’ Superiority 12/04/2023
Bibi Netanyahu May Find Himself In the Dock, In The Hague 11/14/2023
Bibi Obliterates Memory Of October 7 Martyrs; Creates New Martyrs In Gaza 11/02/2023
Hamas, Israel And The Anatomy Of State Treason 10/12/2023
Trump: Heroic Martyr—However… 08/31/2023
Win Or Die: Ukraine’s America-Engineered ‘Options’ 08/10/2023
Bearded Trans Men Chest-Feeding: Paternal Or Sexual? 07/21/2023
Subpar Submersible: Woke Will Implode, On Land And Underwater 07/07/2023
Woke Abstractions Rob, Rape And Loot Reality 06/22/2023
King Tuck, Like Trump, Is Transformational 06/01/2023
RFK, Jr.: Authentic Americanism That Loves Liberty, Loathes Lockdowns, Upbraids Abe 05/18/2023
First, They Came For Tucker Carlson; Next Is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. 04/27/2023
On Trans-continental Stupidity & The Tit-For-Twat Sex Debate 04/12/2023
Conservatives & Liberals Aligned With Greedy Developers & Multinationals Against The Homeless 03/30/2023
Slandering The Homeless: Mass Immigration, Not Mental Disease & Addiction 03/16/2023
Oh, What Wonderful Wars: The West’s Lying Warlords 03/10/2023
Beethoven & Bach ARE THE WEST, Not Cardi B, Kanye, Rihanna 02/26/2023
GOP Swallows Classified-Doc Bait, Shirks Constitutional Obligations 02/01/2023
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