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Deep Tech: Locked Down And Locked Out, First By The State, Then By Silicon Valley 01/14/2021
MAGA Patriots: The Best of People In The Worst of Times 01/07/2021
A Christmas Story Before Nerf Guns Became a No-No 12/24/2020
Is Israel Racist? A Reply To An Anti-Semitic Writer (Part 2) 12/10/2020
An Anti-Semite Asks & Is Answered: Is Israel Racist? (Part 1) 12/09/2020
A Positive, Anti-Politics Message To 74 Million Patriots 11/26/2020
Simplest Source of Voter Fraud Is Baked Into the System 11/19/2020
Trump’s Going Beast Mode: Dissident Donald’s Parallel Presidency 11/12/2020
Combating The K A M A L A Administration’s Critical Race Theory 11/06/2020
We ‘Lizard Brains’ Love Our POTUS—Kvetching COVID Joe Must GO! 10/29/2020
Actually, COVID Comes Courtesy Of The Chinese PEOPLE 10/22/2020
Wake Up. Systemic Anti-Whiteness Is Deadly. Witness South Africa 10/15/2020
Trump Floated Like A Butterfly And Stung Like A Bee 10/01/2020
Law And Order Unites Main Street America 09/25/2020
Critical Racist Theory Robs And Rapes Reality 09/17/2020
Ethnocidal ‘Critical Race Theory’ Is Upon Us Like White On Rice 09/10/2020
Kyle Goes To Kenosha: A Folk Hero Is Born 09/03/2020
Was The Cop’s Knee On George Floyd’s Neck ‘Racism’? No! 08/26/2020
America’s Race Reality: Inhuman, Insane, Incoherent 08/13/2020
‘Systemic Racism’ Or Systemic Rubbish? 08/06/2020
A ‘Victims of Communism Day’ Is Long Overdue 07/30/2020
Bring In The Feds! Protection Of Natural Rights Trumps Federalism 07/24/2020
How Con Inc. Sells Out Dissidents To The Southern Poverty Law Center 07/16/2020
From Soweto-In-Seattle To Other Sh-thole Places: A Mercer Interview 07/09/2020
H.L. Mencken: Misfit In 21st-Century America 06/29/2020
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