“I’ve never been so proud to be a Mercer fan and friend as I have over her essays and podcasts anatomizing the events in Gaza. Ilana Mercer may not be the only person writing and talking about Gaza, but she is sui generis, singular, unique. No one’s perspective is quite like hers. Not just the Hard Truth but the Whole Truth.” KEN ROSENBERGER, Writing and Editing Professional, MA in comparative literature & MA in mechanical engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology

In The Paleolibertarian Guide to Deep Tech, Deep Pharma & the Aberrant Economy, “an incisive chapter-and-verse exposé of the current American regime, Mercer argues that the state, which now represents a merger of government and large corporations, is presiding over the destruction of American civil society. That is the nature of the touted global economy and global politics.  …Mercer’s treatment of health tyranny, immigration, and outsourcing is informative and hard-hitting.  [She] is always a fun read because of her creative labelling: castrati Republicans, Washington wokerati, FixNews, ConOink, Learjet liberals, bafflegab for bureaucratic and progressive discourse, ‘Walmart with Missiles’ for the present U.S. regime.”
~ DR. CLYDE WILSON, distinguished Professor Emeritus of History at the University of South Carolina. He is the author or editor of over thirty books and published over 600 articles, essays and reviews. Dr. Wilson is also is co-publisher of Shotwell Publishing, a source for unreconstructed Southern books. (A Reckonin Review)

“My long-time friend Ilana Mercer is one of the most precious jewels in the crown of libertarianism. A very prolific commentator, her op-eds number not in the hundreds, but in the thousands; that alone would be quite a feather in the cap of this  woman. She is to libertarianism what Ann Coulter is to conservatism.”
~ PROF. WALTER BLOCK, Harold E. Wirth eminent scholar endowed chair in economics at the college of business administration, Loyola University, New Orleans, and author of eight books, including that libertarian classic, Defending the Undefendable (LinkedIn review)

“Ilana Mercer is the most independent thinker of the 21st century — she was that in the 20th. She saw a path that we didn’t follow away from myths of mental illness and incorrigible international conflict. But we have instead followed the roads she eschewed while she, the Cheshire Cat watched grimacing and catcalling our missteps. Need I say we require her insights more than ever?”~ STANTON PEELE, Ph.D., J.D., best-selling author, addiction expert (review on LinkedIn)

“In your columns, you’re a take-no-prison demon. In your videos, you are gentle and composed, your demeanor proper enough to be conversing with the Queen. Watching this video was a surprise and a treat. I love your manner — ‘laconic and loquacious’ — and presentation of issues. You are meant for broadcasting, and should add videos and podcasts to your repertoire.”~LAWRENCE SOLOMON, columnist with Epoch Times and the executive director, Energy Probe, former—and formative—Mercer editor at the Canadian Financial Post.

“There are those behind the curve. There are those ahead of the curve. Then there are those who draw the curve. Great minds may think alike, but greater minds think alone!”
~RAY MCCLENDON, reader, retired firefighter, minister

“Thank God for Ilana Mercer, one of the only clear-thinking intellectuals who really understands the point of Critical Race Theory.”
~ AMERICAN GREATNESS READER, commenting on “Ignoring the Albino, Dhimmi Elephant in the Room,” May 29, 2021.

“Mercer is her own woman. A party of one.”

Best Libertarians:
1.Ron Paul
2.Hans Hermann Hoppe
3.Murray Rothbard
~SAMMY @sammy_based, Twitter (what The People are saying), November 25, 2021.

“…Like in any other generalization, there are exceptions in this too. There are female Amazons who match or exceed the best of male fighters for the soul of Western civilization. Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Heather Mac Donald, Diana West, and Ilana Mercer come to mind in the US.”
~ MAX DENKEN, Forum For Democracy, “The Future is Male, or Not at All

“I don’t know [ilana], but if Geoff [Ingersoll] is denying knowing her to save his ass, she must be super interesting.”
~CASSANDRA FAIRBANKS, conservative celebrity, “Gateway Pundit” correspondent [on Twitter]

“Geoff Ingersoll, best known for ranting sexist slurs at Cassandra Fairbanks, … wants everyone to know he does NOT know Ilana Mercer. Lol. Ilana is out of your league, pal.”
~ PATRICK HOWLEY, reporter, founder of Big League Politics, on Twitter.

“I always read my friend Ilana Mercer’s essays with great interest, and whether one agrees or disagrees with her on this or that issue, she never ceases to be thought-provoking, including in this current piece, ‘Coronavirus and Conspiracy: Don’t Be a ‘Covidiot”—which is timely for those among us who are always concerned about the growth of government power in times of crises. Check it out.”
~ CHRIS MATTHEW SCIABARRA, visiting scholar, department of politics, New York University,  author of Ayn Rand: The Russian Radical, Editor at The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies

“I admire Mercer’s work, her prose, and the sterling intellect that both demonstrate. I have read her columns since I’ve been politically conscious, and especially so after I realized my passion for both written and spoken commentary. My goal is to become a compelling writer and orator for the libertarianism and the philosophy of individualism in the public square, vis-a-vis political punditry. I have found myself looking at her columns, dissecting them, and using them as a model for what constitutes as a ‘well written’ think piece. Although she and I differ on a few political matters, strong arguments stand independently of subjective tastes. Period.  And for strong argumentation, I couldn’t recommend Mercer more.”
~Christian Watson, commentator, Campus Coordinator for Students for Liberty, Young Voices Advocate

“Ilana Mercer is a genius of the highest order.”
~ J. PETERMAN, a reader (our most valued critics)

“One of the brightest, most lucid essayists in the firmament.”

“A few years ago I said you wrote like a man. … Well now I think you also think like one. So In you, I’ve found the best of both sexes…”
~JOHN JG (1/26/2019), on “Covington Kid: hated For The Color of His Skin.”

“I hope that Ilana Mercer’s columns will appear regularly here on AG. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that this South-African-born writer is among today’s top-10 political intellectuals–for instance, she is rightfully credited with the concept later reworded by Steve Sailer as “invade the world, invite the world.” Whatever subject she touches–from politics to history to art and music–turns to pure gold. She is all that NRO’s Jay Nordlinger ever hopes to be. Well done, AG–great catch.”
~Monsieur Voltaire (9/16/2018), writing at American Greatness

“Bastiat could have written that.”
~Chris Farrell (12/7/2017), WND reader (about “the magnificent conclusion to your article: “Is this the rule of law, or the law of rule?”)

“Your writing is gold.”
~Stephen Finley (11/16/2017), former senior tech writer, Institute for Advanced Technology (hypervelocity physics, electrodynamics, materials science, Univ. of Texas-Austin and U.S. Army)

“Ilana Mercer is brilliant and brave. Precious few are her equal.”
~Jake, The Unz Review (8/30/2017)

“One might say Ilana Mercer is a slightly more no-holds-barred companion to the amazing Ann Coulter.”
~WILLIAM NIXON, Amazon (1/17/2017)

“A great English-language wordsmith.”
~ FRANK OF QUEENS & JOHN OF STATEN ISLAND, the anti-leftist SWAT team at Right Perspective Radio

“She is an honest witness ‑ a post-Apartheid Whittaker Chambers.”
~ STEVEN G., long-time reader

“All I can tell you is that you can’t win an argument with this woman. I’ve tried and failed.”
~ VICTOR NIEDERHOFFER, Ph.D., noted stock-market investor, former business partner to George Soros, founder of the New York City Junto liberty forum

“Ilana is in much greater supply of that ‘manly virtue’ than are most male writers today. … The richness of Mercer’s intellect is as impressive as the soundness of her character.”
~ JACK KERWICK, Ph.D., The New American & Beliefnet’s At the Intersection of Faith & Culture

“A remarkably gifted writer who deserves, and who I am sure will eventually receive, much wider recognition.”
~ DAVID CONWAY, Ph.D ., senior research fellow at CIVITAS , emeritus professor, Roehampton University, author of Classical Liberalism: The Unvanquished Ideal (1995), In Defence of the Realm: The Place of Nations in Classical Liberalism (2004), and many more

“The feisty, independent-minded libertarian columnist Ilana Mercer has intellectual courage—the rarest of all forms of courage—in spades. This is one libertarian who knows that the market is wonderful, but it is not everything. …”
~ CLYDE WILSON, professor of history, University of South Carolina, writing for Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture

“Mercer articulates as systematic an account of paleolibertarianism as any to be found. Yet she is no mere system-builder. Rather, it is an intense self-consciousness — of her views, yes, but, just as tellingly, of her life experiences — that accounts for Mercer’s unrelenting pursuit of the logic of the paleolibertarian ideal: an ideal of liberty brought down from the clouds to the nit and the grit of the history and culture from which it emerged.”
~ THE NEW AMERICAN, ” Ilana Mercer and the Paleolibertarian Ideal ,” October 1, 2012

“Having read your columns throughout the years, I think I know you a little bit—I know you come from a very intellectual point of view, an intellectually honest point of view—you have given the most articulate argument I’ve heard [” In Defense of Michael Vick “] on the otherside of this, one that is consistent with many of the views you have.” (August 17, 2007)
~ SEAN HANNITY, nationally syndicated radio talk-show host, and host of the Fox News Channel programs “Hannity & Colmes,” and “Hannity’s America”

“We value ‘The Paleolibertarian Column’ for [its] original ideas and delivery.”
~ MINDIA GAVASHELI, Head of the Internet Department, RT TV (Russia Today) America

“I consider Ilana Mercer a ‘great mind.’”
~ JAY TALYOR, Austrian-perspective investor and broadcaster

“I admire your individualism, you are patently not subject to ‘group think’—all too increasingly rare nowadays.”
~ JAMES GRISHAM, producer, The Sean Hannity Show

“Ilana Mercer is dangerous: she is intelligent, informed, independent, courageous, thinks clearly and writes well.”
~ THOMASS. SZASZ, RIP, professor of psychiatry emeritus, SUNY Upstate MedicalUniversity, Syracuse, New York, the world’s foremost critic of psychiatric coercions and excuses, and author of 31 books, among them the classic, The Myth of Mental Illness, and, most recently , Coercion as Cure: A Critical History of Psychiatry

“Ilana Mercer is one of the few writers on earth whose talents I truly envy. Ilana is an outstanding writer, but for reasons I cannot begin to fathom is still partly undiscovered. She should be a household name.”
~ THOMAS E. WOODS, historian, author of the New York Timesbest-seller, The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History , and the critically acclaimed, The Church Confronts Modernity

“Ilana Mercer: Echoes of St. Paul” : “Ilana Mercer makes me believe St. Paul (Saul of Tarsus) wrote the book of Hebrews in the New Testament. I know scholars love to question authenticity in all things biblical, but, sometimes reality corrects the imagination. I had major doses of “unbelief” proffered me at Yale Divinity, but, just the life and work of someone like Ilana Mercer can do wonders in restoring a balance of perspective.”
~ DAVID A. YEAGLEY, Ph.D, great-great-grandson of Comanche leader Bad Eagle (April 1, 2011, BadEagle.com)

“…a mind fearlessly in pursuit of analytical truth.” (From “A Passion For Justice: Ilana Mercer,” the Foreword to Broad Sides ) https://vdare.com/articles/a-passion-for-justice-ilana-mercer
~ PETER BRIMELOW, president of the Center for American Unity, senior fellow at the Pacific Research Institute, columnist for CBS MarketWatch, editor, VDARE.com, and best-selling author of Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster , and The Worm In The Apple: How The Teacher Unions Are Destroying American Education

“Ilana Mercer’s insights stand out like a beacon in a vast sea of punditry. She’s always hard to pigeonhole. She’s always witty and incisive. And she’s never predictable…”
~ JOSEPH FARAH, founder and CEO, WorldNetDaily.com

“Ilana Mercer writes with the passion and logical clarity of Ayn Rand, the devotion to liberty of a Jefferson or Madison, and the sharp wit and insight of a Camille Paglia. Loaded with facts, logic, and reason, Broad Sides is a wonderfully refreshing antidote to the mushy-headed political correctness that permeates our schools, newspapers and television sets.”
~ THOMAS J. DILORENZO, professor of economics, Loyola College, Maryland, and author of The Real Lincoln, and Lincoln Unmasked

“Only a very few commentators, such as Antiwar.com’s Justin Raimondo and WorldNetDaily’s own Pat Buchanan and ILANA MERCER, can truly say that they were opposed from the start to the expensive, unconstitutional and ultimately useless abuses of the American military that have been inflicted upon it by Republican and Democratic commanders in chief over the last nine years.”
~ VOX DAY, columnist for WND.com, and author of The Return of the Great Depression

“Ilana Mercer is often a great writer.”
~ EDITOR, London’s Quarterly Review, established 1809, re-established 2007

“One of the unique joys of the Internet is finding brilliant people who make you think. I recently found one, Ilana Mercer , whose gifted mind molds words into articles with the same finesse as Rembrandt turned ordinary paint into masterpieces that leave people spellbound centuries later. … If you want to stretch your mind, read the ideas that abundantly flow from Mercer.”
~ KEVIN PEZZI, polymath: physician ( Alpha Omega Alpha ), inventor, researcher, author

“I can’t imagine anyone else in North America writing this (” The International Highway to Hell “). It is a remarkable document—no one takes on these cheesy sentiments. Fox News is going to send a hit man to your home.”
~ STANTON PEELE, Ph.D., J.D., author, addiction expert, blogger for the Huffington Post

“Ilana’s work is important in these times. She speaks truth with a great heart and tenacity that is truly unique. She has too much class to simply show her ass as so many women do today; too courageous to sacrifice Israel on the altar of ideology; and too experienced with the ways of the world to lie, cheat and steal her way to fame.”
~ ROBERT E. REAVIS II, associate judge, Oklahoma

“Ilana is as good a wordsmith as Christopher Hitchens is, maybe better.”
~ JEFFREY A. SCHALER, professor of psychology, department of Justice, Law and Society, American University, executive editor of CURRENT PSYCHOLOGY, and author of Addiction is a Choice

“It is hard to know how to describe Ilana Mercer and her magnificent book. I’m tempted to say, ‘She comes to us like a breath of fresh air,’ and this is certainly true. Although basing her keen insights on the philosophy of economic freedom, private property rights, and free markets, and addressing numerous issues from this perspective, she does so in her own unique voice, with a beautiful writing style, one not heard before from this neck of the woods. On the other hand, I’m also tempted to say ‘she comes to us like a storm, like a punch in the nose.’ This is also true. ‘Hard hitting’ doesn’t begin to express the sheer power of her thoughts and her words. Whatever the description, this is a book you will treasure for years to come.”
~ WALTER BLOCK, Harold E. Wirth eminent scholar endowed chair in economics at the college of business administration, Loyola University, New Orleans, and author of eight books, including that libertarian classic, Defending the Undefendable

“Roll over, Ayn Rand! A new libertarian female author has arrived on the block with no less powerful an intellectual punch but who is also wickedly funny in a way Ms. Rand never was able to be. Ms. Mercer’s collection of essays provides a running commentary on the foibles and shibboleths of our age and is a model of how libertarian insights can and should be applied to current affairs.”
~ DAVID CONWAY, emeritus professor of philosophy, Middlesex University, England, and author of Classical Liberalism: The Unvanquished Ideal (1995), and In Defence of the Realm (2004)

“Whatever one might say about Ilana Mercer’s opinions (I happen to agree with most of them), one cannot reasonably accuse her of shrinking from controversial topics. Ilana takes on indelicate cultural, social, and political issues and challenges her opponents to rethink their positions. Unlike the narcoleptic ‘conservative’ columns in the national press, this collection is truly explosive.”
~ PAUL GOTTFRIED, professor of humanities, Elizabethtown College, and author of Multiculturalism and the Politics of Guilt, and The Strange Death of Marxism

“Covering everything from Trade and Terrorism to Microsoft, Medicare, and Eminem, one can only be impressed with Ilana Mercer’s virtuoso performance. In her critical exploration of the irrationalities on display in contemporary life, Mercer defends the timeless principles of objectivity, individualism, self-responsibility, and liberty. This remarkably insightful polemicist, and extraordinary cultural commentator, understands that a free society cannot be sustained in an unthinking culture. And any woman who calls Republicans the ‘drag queens of politics’ gets my vote for Most Biting Stylist of the Year—even if the description is insulting…to drag queens.”
~ CHRIS MATTHEW SCIABARRA, visiting scholar, department of politics, New York University, and author of Ayn Rand: The Russian Radical

“I follow Ilana’s writing with insatiable interest, and recommend IlanaMercer.com to all my students and friends.”
~ YURI N. MALTSEV, professor of economics, A.W. Clausen Center for World Business, Carthage College

“Ilana’s book, Broad Sides: One Woman’s Clash with a Corrupt Culture, demonstrates that she is a true warrior—a modern day Joan of Arc—in the fight for freedom.”
~ AARON RUSSO, RIP , noted Hollywood producer, and former libertarian presidential candidate

“Ilana Mercer presents one of the best refutations of liberventionism I have read. Mercer demonstrates how support for global crusades for ‘human rights’ are fundamentally incompatible with a belief in small government, individual rights and a skepticism about state power. Particularly good is Mercer’s argument that war is a giant redistribution program.”
~ NORMAN SINGLETON, vice president for policy, Campaign for Liberty, LewRockwell.com, September 6, 2005

“Ilana Mercer, whether you agree with her or not, stands out as one of the most independent-minded columnists writing today.”
~ J.D. HOMNICK, commentator and humorist, Human Events and The AmericanSpectator

“Restoring the Eternal Verities”  (WND, May 14, 2004): “In her new book, Broad Sides, Ilana Mercer is Scarlett O’Hara reincarnated with an intellect. She is dangerous and marvelous.”
~ NELSON HULTBERG, freelance writer, executive director of Americans for a Free Republic

“A Woman of the Right”: Ilana Mercer’s Broad Sides: “She’s a libertarian, and very much so, in that she values freedom and the progress that comes with freedom; she’s a woman of the Right in that she eschews what Ayn Rand called ‘the sin of abstraction’ and insists that real progress must draw sustenance from the cultural roots below, not just energy from the utopian political sun above.”
~ THOMAS L. KNAPP, executive director of the Rational Review, the premier libertarian web journal of politics and culture

The Passion of Principles : “If I could be dispassionate [about Ilana’s book], I would say Broad Sides is a perfect mix of reason and rhetoric.”
~ REGINALD FIREHAMMER, author of The Hijacking of a Philosophy: Homosexuals Vs. Ayn Rand’s Objectivism , in a review for The Free Radical

“Ilana’s musings are always stylish, never dull and inexorably logical.”
~ NICKI FELLENZER, national spokesperson of Armed Females of America

“…author of ‘Barely a Blog’… is the single most deep-thinking, thoroughly reasoned libertarian writer of our time, in my experience…”

“Ilana Mercer is the best damn essayist I have encountered, right up there with Justin Raimondo (another libertarian), although she arguably surpasses him. Her analytical rigor and verbal fluency astound me (it’s not uncommon for me to have to check the dictionary one or two times when reading her essays), and she is just so reasonable and yet iconoclastic.”

“I love your style of writing, for it is matched by no other (well, The New York Times’ Frank Rich comes close). … It’s nice (and scary) to see there are people out there who agree with you. They need a voice too, and you’re the perfect persona to offer that voice.”
~ PATRICK JOHNSTON, left-liberal talk-show host, WSGW-790AM

“To me, along with Theodore Dalrymple, Ilana Mercer’s writing comprises some of the highest standards of English language usage today. I really appreciate it.”
~ DAVID TAMM, libertarian high-school teacher

“I do not have the vocabulary (as you do) to convey the knowledge I gain from your articles. I have been reading your articles since 2004 when I was in Iraq. Your wisdom and thinking have changed the way I look at the world.”
~ LEN C ., “reader for life,” Basra, Iraq

“You are the most coherent, intelligent, and readable ambassador of libertarian, Old-Right thought writing today. The fact that you are never asked on Fox News and Fox Business is rather telling, since they claim to champion truth in a ‘fair and balanced’ manner.”
~ KERRY C., reader

“A modern-day prophet.”
~ JT, a reader from MO

“For a radio voice, nobody beats Ilana Mercer, who also looks excellent in photographs and, oh yes, actually does her homework before she opens her mouth.”
~ JAMES MERRITT, at Reason Magazine , July 16, 2003

“Ilana Mercer is one of the most lucid, cogent, trenchant, & truthful writers of our era.”
~ STONEYJACK, Washington Times Community Pages , January 28, 2013

“Originality is rare in punditry these days. Every time a new narrative-of-the-day arrives, we take refuge in groupthink rather than thinking for ourselves. Not Mercer.”
~ JOSEPH F. COTTO, Florida based scholar and columnist, who writes “The Conscience of a Realist” column at the Washington Times’ community pages ( January 28, 2013 )

“I saw one of your columns on Lewrockwell.com for the first time. Wow! Your breadth of knowledge and understanding of the world is a breath of fresh air. I quickly rushed to your website to explore you more and enjoyed reading some of your articles and watching your interviews. I’m now a fan and I’m hooked. Keep up the great work and I’m glad that you’re among us to keep up the fight for true life, liberty and happiness.”
~ MARCUS H. W ., British Virgin Islands, March 18, 2013

“Ilana Mercer is a true intellectual, and if human cloning were possible, an immediate requisition should be submitted to clone 100 copies of Ilana Mercer for a starter. Leftists rarely challenge her head on since they rapidly discover all they have is a broken pencil when coming up against her powerful pen. Let’s hope that God gives her many more years to use her powerful pen to fight for freedom.”
~ JACK KETTLER, Amazon.com , October 26, 2013