Trump: Heroic Martyr—However…

Ilana Mercer, August 31, 2023

For shooting his mouth off, Trump has been designated a felon. Relays of prosecution launched against him have culminated in the Georgia arrest: That is persecution. Trump is being subjected to the Law of Rule, not the rule of law ~ilana

That Donald Trump is a political martyr is indisputable. It was already bedrock truth in January, 2021, when I first uttered the M-word. The occasion was the president’s second impeachment, passed impromptu in the House, with no due process of law afforded him whatsoever.

That the persecution of Trump is his badge of honor, a decoration of sorts, has been seconded in some unlikely quarters. Individuals calling themselves Blacks For Trump say the same. Trump is a Brother now: They designate you a felon for shooting your mouth off, and book you into the infamous Fulton County Jail in Atlanta; that means the system is messing with you, they say. You are one of us.

Brothers who speak like this are sensing a deep injustice that comes with institutional rot.

Relays of prosecution launched against Trump have culminated in the Georgia arrest: That is persecution. Trump is being subjected to the Law of Rule, not the rule of law.

Now that Trump has been martyred—we pray for the former president and salute him for his resolve and resilience in the face of unadulterated evil. For the Permanent State, Democrat and Republican, want Trump gone for good—and worse. There! I said it. It’s the truth.

The D.C. hydra head has denied Robert F. Kennedy Jr. a security detail; and they’d assassinate Donald Trump if they could. They’d do the same to you, if you mattered.

In their mild, flaccid responses to the martyrdom of Donald Trump; the Republicans remain execrable.

Neoconservatism Mainstreamed Again

Admiration for Trump the Man notwithstanding—his failures as a president are irremediable. He normalized, even revived, neoconservatism, emboldening its representatives to make a comeback, by heeding his daughter and hiring so many of them. Nikki Haley and John Bolton are examples. He heeded their policy advice too:

“It’s often said that the Trump administration is ‘isolationist,’” wrote historian Andrew J. Bacevich, in the UK Spectator. Untrue. “In fact, we are now witnessing a dramatic escalation in the militarization of US foreign policy in the Middle East, Africa and Afghanistan. This has not been announced, but it is happening, and much of it without … any debate in Congress or the media.”

That Trump’s foreign policy is far and away better than that of the eight Republican pigmy presidential hopefuls is not saying much. It’s inferior to that of RFK., Jr. And foreign policy now is the defining, do-or-die issue.

Left intractable, Deep State chic grew under Trump.

Christopher Wray was President Donald Trump’s FBI director nominee. What’s more, Wray had told the president and the nation where his unalloyed loyalties lay. Wray said he was more than partial to his corrupt predecessor, James Comey. About former FBI Director Robert Mueller Wray gushed, too. He signaled to Trump that he’d gladly wade back into the same swampy polluted waters—Trump let him.

The 45th president squandered the mandate he was given. Trump failed to prevent the consolidation—and the crimes against humanity—of a Covid Cartel, the vaccine passports, the unconstitutional lockdowns, the decimation of American small business and the destruction brought by the summer of black-on-white rage, which went unpunished under his watch.

The promised Wall gave way to “multilayered technology”; to the mere “deployment of additional personnel,” and to a promise to better “vet prospective immigrants, refugees, and other foreign visitors,” when Deplorables wanted criminal interlopers corralled and booted from the country.

Trump also ushered in a damaging T & A show of treacherous distaff. Head on over to CNN or ABC if you are interested in taking the measure of the typical celebutantes hired by Donald Trump during his presidency. On the progressive Fake News networks one can observe the female flotsam and jetsam—former Trump personnel—perform for the camera, hissing like cobras against the president who foolishly hired them for their ass-ets.

Trump had promised Deplorables to hire the best. Instead, he gave us a rotating, ongoing T & A parade, including his ditzy daughter.

Still Don’t Know Shia from Shinola

For Ivanka, Trump bombed Syria. For her lapdog husband, he approved boatloads of H-1B visas, and aid to Saud in bombing a starving Yemen. Like his predecessors who didn’t know Shiite from Shinola, Trump’s America was enlisted in a proxy Sunni-Shia religious war, also Riyadh’s ultimate aim; on the side of the Sunni, who don’t give a dried camel’s hump about Christians or American, and from whose madrasas come our killers.

The Shia are represented regionally by the more sedate, genteel Iranians and Syrian Alawites. Trump assassinated a uniformed official of a sovereign Shia state. Qassim Soleimani, an Iranian major general, was the equivalent of our Special Operations commander. We Americans would not tolerate it were Iranians to designate America’s Special Operations commander, General Bryan P. Fenton, a terrorist.

A just foreign policy is one that avoids what are local skirmishes and allows regional powers to emerge and arrive at arrangements advantageous to the locals. Alas, evidence abounds that when Yemeni, Saudi, Syrian, Iranian, Israeli and Russian interests make attempts at regional sovereignty and diplomacy; Uncle Sam supersedes to sunder these.

In all, both Jared and Ivanka, dubbed Jarvanka, had been eager to hobnob at Davos (Davos before Deplorables). The two trundled along to all major functions, tastelessly elbowing out the first lady, shivving her on every occasion, an audience with the Pope, included.

At Jarvanka’s behest—and spurred on by his own terrible judgment—Trump began firing and feuding with the architects of MAGA, all of whom could not stand the Davos duo. Ivanka had vaporized the excellent John Kelly, who had kept Jarvanka out of the Oval Office. As did Trump’s daughter get rid of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, a tough ice-princess, who effectively instituted and administered the zero-tolerance policy on the border and never caved over family separation.

With her house boy, Ivanka then inaugurated the Goldman-Sachs West-Wing matriarchy (Jared is androgynous, certainly her submissive). Neoconservative Dina Powel, former adviser to Ivanka, soon made it onto Trump’s National Security Council. She was a relic from Goldman Sachs and an Ivanka recruit. The affable Democrat Gary Cohn, Trump’s chief economic advisor, was former president and chief operating officer of Goldman Sachs.

These “Kushner-Cohn Democrats” ousted Stephen Bannon from the West Wing.

Ivanka and the bimbo parade proved to be one of “The Donald’s most intractable problems.” “What Ivanka wanted Ivanka got,” at the expense of the MAGA agenda. Whether Deplorables admit it or not, the two New York liberals, a nepotistic appendage to the Trump Administration, had been a disaster for the plank President Trump had promised and for which Deplorables voted.

And I won’t even go into the press secretaries who bedecked Donald’s dais, starting with stumblebum Sarah Huckabee, obsequious, useless, forever apologizing for any America First impetus. You just know that Kimberly G-String (who makes Madonna look natural) will be waltzing straight into a role as Trump’s press secretary. (More about Kimberly Guilfoyle in “Is Political Participation Predicated On Views About Holocaust?,” November 14, 2019) If not Don Jr’s paramour, then it’ll be another such apparition. Someone like Trump’s attorney Alina Habba-Habba. She’s what Trump appoints, and will continue to appoint, because he lacks the wherewithal and the will to assess and appreciate intelligence.

Your columnist’s Trump Revolution book, published June 29, 2016, cheered “The Donald’s creative destruction.” In “The Trump Revolution, The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed,” Trump was celebrated as a,

Political Samson that threatened to bring the den of iniquity crashing down on its patrons, … an entrenched punditocracy, a self-anointed, meritless intelligentsia, oleaginous politicians, slick media, big money: You name it; Trump was tossing and goring it.

In becoming the focus of the alphabet soup of Evil Empire agencies and agents—DOJ, FBI, CIA, DNI, DAs—Trump has further exposed for all to see the putrefying innards of the Permanent State.

In the same book, your columnist had recommended that if Trump must have bling to front his administration—let him choose women like Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter and Heather Mc Donald, who could  deliver intellectually, are warriors with fight in them, do not exactly assault the eye. And, will not act like Delilah turned barber.

Alas, men with fragile egos don’t like women smarter than themselves.

Otherwise, Donald Trump is admirable and adorable; his mug shot is a piece of political art, one for the ages.

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