Hamas, Israel And The Anatomy Of State Treason

Ilana Mercer, October 12, 2023

Witnessed in Israel on October 7 was the utter forsaking by the State of its most elementary—and only—obligations to the citizenry: Defend their natural rights to life, liberty and property ~ilana

The Uniparty has forsaken the American border to the same digital docility to which Israelis had been forsaken. At least in Israel, an attack on the homeland is followed—however late and misguided—by a defense of the territorial homeland. An attack on the American homeland, invariably, sees our military pack up to go to … Timbuktu ~ilana

IF YOU CONSIDER THAT the IDF, Israel’s standing army, is the Middle East’s most powerful army and among the world’s top 20 military forces; then the metaphor of the Remington Rifle against slings and stones flung by indigenes lives on in Hamas’ murderous invasion of Southern Israel on October 7. Primitives against sophisticates; savagery against innocence.

From Ofakim to Ashkelon; from Magen to Zikim—the barbaric, cross-border onslaught claimed the lives of more than 1200 civilians. Two thousand Israeli souls have been injured and dozens kidnapped. Decapitation, rape and other desecration have been a feature of the orgiastic pogrom. Between them, Hamas (in the person of senior official Musa Abu Marzuk) and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad had connived to kidnap more than 130 Israeli civilians.

Perhaps unevolved forms of life is the better descriptive for Hamas, for military primitives Hamas are not. On that particular Sabbath—also the Simchat Torah celebration during Sukkot—Hamas had launched about 3000 rockets into and over Israeli communities. On its website, the not-so-intelligent Israel Defense Forces (IDF) offers up detailed “intelligence” on the terrorists’ rocket arsenal. Hamas has the long range variety (M-302), as well as the medium and short-range Grad rockets, which are old, but effective, Soviet technology.


Nevertheless, this was a low-tech invasion. Hamas operatives motorbiked, paraglided, bulldozed and motorboated their way, by land and by sea, into 17 areas in Southern Israel. So much for Israel’s flimsy fences, unmanned, AI-powered machine guns and other clever, high-tech toys on the Gazan border. Post-graduate cleverness was simply no match for Hamas’ fiercely savage, hands-on guerrilla warfare.

Hamas’ low-tech operation also meant that the gang steered clear of foreign-looking plants loitering in Gaza, fat fingers stabbing at the invincible mobile device. Israeli intelligence assets are likey not that hard to spot. While Hamas deployed basic technology like cameras and sensors; they also took care to use informants that worked for their cause, not against it.

In my estimation, Israeli intelligence assets could very likely have been compromised. Israel is a progressive society recruiting for racial, sexual and cross-sexual representation, not necessarily merit and mettle. The Israelis have learned from the best, the United States of America, how to dissolve their society’s institutions in the vat of multiculturalism. All America’s satellite states are monkey-see-monkey-do appeasers on matters of “social justice.” Or, self-immolation.

Hamas’s low-tech invasion into southern Israel was also a clear demonstration of a complete failure of the State apparatus, the IDF being the face of the State. Bibi Netanyahu, prime minister, was largely in hiding during those first crucial hours.

The most candid report, sent to me, on the evening of October 7, came from my cousin, safe, thank G-d. Her words were the most truthful to date:

“Shock, betrayal, the crash of a dream; how could this happen? People are still without help or rescue. They turned to the media to call the army because there were terrorists in their homes and yards. It has been hours, and the situation has still not changed much. Total chaos.”

To my question, “Has not a war room been set up? Are not updates from the IDF and the PM’s office a constant thing on television?”

Her reply: “Nope. Nobody is talking to us. There is no point person to field questions and focus resources. People are doing the work of the army. It’s like the Wild West.”

Having lived through the 1973 War, I wrote in my “Betraying Brave Boys” column:

‘The Yom Kippur War Israel nearly lost. Israeli intelligence failed miserably. As is usually the case, the kids paid the price—a few hundred youngsters were stranded on the borders with no backup. They defended their posts heroically before being gruesomely slaughtered. Many were dismembered.When that war ended, Remembrance Day swelled to include another 2,523 casualties—about one-tenth of one percent of the population was dead. Thousands more were wounded. The casualty estimates for Egypt and Syria were 16,000.’

Egyptian President Anwar Saddat, however, attacked the Israeli military; not the citizenry. Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir took the blame for what a literate Israeli population had dubbed המחדל (hamechdal). Mechdal is Hebrew for a deep, systemic failure. As I recently read (in a badly written tome, Golda: Biographia, purported to be in Hebrew, but assaulting the language with ugly Anglicisms), to blame were the generals, who refused to consider that Arab armies had massed on all Israel’s borders for anything other than a regional rave. Innocent military maneuvers, the generals asserted.

Back in 1973, Israeli society was not yet as riven by division as it is today—divisions that mirror the gashes that have opened up in American society, and, by and large, have been exported by it.


America exports the woke worldview and many an idée fixe abroad. With these come the same tensions. Malign MAGA-hating meddlers stateside, such as Alexsander Vindman, a Democrat who somehow made colonel in the US army, blame the Israeli Right for societal tensions. From where I’m perched, the July riots and demonstrations in Israel appeared to have originated in ANTIFA-like hysteria, in which parliamentary checks-and-balances on an overweening judiciary were rejected.

Parliament had democratically reduced the powers of a woke, hyperactive judiciary. The Knesset had reclaimed some power of representation. Over this, the usual Israeli and American culprits were fulminating, for Israel’s Supreme Court better serves ultra-progressive forces than its Parliament, which represents a variegated people.

To Israel’s great credit, and unlike America’s Antifa, Israeli Wokerati were not howling, stripping, discussing and twerking their reproductive orifices, inventing pronouns, and burning the country down. At least some of these functions a treacherous State left for Hamas to do.


Witnessed in Israel on October 7 was the utter forsaking by the State of its most elementary—and only—obligations to the citizenry: Defend their natural rights to life, liberty and property.

Seventy-two hours on, and a top banana for the Israeli Defense Forces was blaming Hamas for duping Israeli “experts.” D’oh! Why of course: After all, it is expected that a blood-lusting cabal of satanical sub-humans would apprise targets of its comings-and-goings.

Ok, but if you’re deaf and dumb, why not heed Egyptian intelligence, whose officials now claim Israel ignored repeated warnings that “something big” was going down? Google the phrase “What went wrong?” and you’ll discover that the patsy press has received Israeli officialdom’s memo. The efforts of the State to deflect blame, to reject responsibility for treason, have begun. Thus was Danny Dannon, another top banana, recounting to BBC’s HARDtalk what terrible characters are the Hamasniks. D’oh! Again.

Stendhal, a French writer, said there was no hypocrisy in mathematics. Hamas is mathematically honest about what it wants to do to all Jews.

It is the custodians of Israeli security whose calculus is off. If you correctly think Hamas is so horrible, why had Israel opted to deploy gizmos to the border with Gaza?


As your columnist divulged in 2008, Israel opted for “Robo-Snipers” instead of flesh-and-blood men and women. The nation’s “19- and 20-year-old soldiers” were still deployed to the front—but virtually. They sit at a safe distance “behind computer screens,” waiting on “approval by a commanding officer” before “pushing the kill button.”

Yes, Israel automated the process of defense against Gaza, creating a set of “auto kill-zones” “by networking together remote-controlled machine guns, ground sensors, and drones along the 60-kilometer border.”

Gizmos are useless against the stuff of Gaza—and Latin America, for that matter. In 2005, with great enthusiasm from the Israeli Left, Gaza was given over to the dogs of war, Hamas and their avid constituents. Despite the fertile, coastal land they were handed, the precious ground water they sit on, and generous international assistance, the place soon went to the dogs. Egypt, Jordan and Israel are all terrified to open their borders to the seething snake pit that is Gaza.

It matters not whether you think the cauldron of cruelty that is Gaza created its inhabitants or whether it’s the obverse. The reality is that every nation in the region fears the Gazans. Nobody in the region wants immigrants from Gaza—although given the US Uniparty’s appetite for progressive, smug preening (aka treason); one can envisage Gaza being air lifted to America by the same Special Ops forces who rushed to import Afghanistan. In any event, hearth and home are best defended by men, military or militia, on the ground, carrying guns and grenades.

Besides, all defense systems are fallible and finite in their capacity. Air-defense systems fail. The Russians have the best possible air-defense system, yet they too, on occasion, are overwhelmed by barrages of British cruise missiles supplied to a flailing Ukraine.

If military experts were doing the work currently done by neophyte chicklet reporters; they’d explain, in newspapers like The Hill, that no defense system can intercept 3000 missiles lobbed all at once. Instead of military experts, alas, we have girls cutting-and-pasting from Wikipedia about Israel’s Iron Dome air missile defense system.

Digital docility was never going to ward off a hissing enclave like Gaza, where people, young and old, writhe in hate (watch the children of Gaza bully a Jewish little boy held captive).


Hamas’ invasion occurred against the backdrop of geopolitical subterfuge, which had served to marginalize Hamas. The US is forever doing the bidding of the murderous Saudis. At the behest of (Bret Baier and) the United States Uniparty; Saudi Arabia and Israel were forming an axis of sorts. The recognition of the Jewish State might have been in the offing. Cynicism aside, Bret Baier, lightweight Fox News neoconservative host, with the War Street Journal, have been waxing fat about the majesty of the Kingdome, a veritable Disney Land on the Desert, and its ruthless ruler in Riyadh, promoting the regime to their viewers and readers.

More threatening to the neocons were the tentative peace efforts underway between Iran, a reliable neoconservative bogeyman, and the Saudis. The neoconservative-favored dispensation in the region had been threatened. U.S. neocons and their clones and apostles do not wish to see the emergence of strong regional powers, which could serve as a counterweight to the Unites States’ malign influence in the Middle-East.

Not so long ago, Israel had maintained an oil pipeline with Iran—we still don’t quite know the provenance of the oil flowing in the pipes of the Eilat-Ashkelon Pipeline Co (EAPC), as the information is subject to a military gag order. But, cui bono? In whose interests are these Middle-eastern feuds forever more?

In an effort to strengthen regional diplomacy, Israel had tried in vain to resist becoming embroiled with the Empire’s Ukrainian client state. So intent was Israel on remaining neutral on Ukraine that it incurred Rumpelstiltskin’s ire. Zelenskyy, in high-dudgeon (and high-heels), had warned Israel that “Putin would help Iran go nuclear in” if Israel were to remain neutral in the conflict. For, Israel had “not only refused to sell its Iron Dome missile defense system to Ukraine, but it also blocked the U.S. from sending Iron Dome batteries owned by the U.S. Army to Kyiv.”

As always, resistance and nascent regionalism proved futile in the face of U.S. pressure. Israel soon fell in line, although, to its credit, the Jewish State has been consistent and energetic in offering to negotiate with Russia, a regional power the US wants neutered, but with which Israel must get along.

Not unlike the United States, Hamas aims to disrupt any productive, cooperative alliances arising out of the forging of regional powers in the Middle East, and has thus made its malign presence felt. Colonel Vindman, aforementioned, and the neoconservative claque—piping up are Pompeo, Pence, Haley and Graham—have had their way with Russia with respect to foreign policy. Now that the appeal of the Ukraine project is fading; the neoconservatives will want to keep Iran in their sights.

Republicans, almost to a man—the likes of Darrell Issa and Tim Scott having been vocal on the matter—already blame Iran for Hamas’ murderous spree, without solid proof, although proof will in time be manufactured, as it was for the invasion of Iraq. What it did for the invasion of Iraq, the War Street Journal will diligently do to gin-up regime change in Iran.


Here in America, death waylays us daily, due to similarly treacherous forces. Except that the carnage stateside is a daily drip-drip of racially driven murders and maimings. These deaths Americans have been habituated to accept—for everywhere and always, institutionalized treason is aided by an Orwellian Ministry of Truth.

The carnage in our country results from the prying open of the borders and the jails; from a promiscuous legal immigration system that privileges the undeveloped underclasses, and from the inversion and nullification of the country’s laws, so that ordered liberty cannot be sustained.

The Uniparty has forsaken the American border to the same digital docility to which Israelis had been forsaken. At least in Israel, an attack on the homeland is followed—however late and misguided—by a defense of the territorial homeland. An attack on the American homeland, invariably, sees our military pack up to go to … Timbuktu.

HARD TRUTH. My colleague David Vance and I anatomize the backdrop to Hamas’ pogrom, including the geopolitical and domestic forces at play, as well as the fraught history of the Gaza strip. Ilana lived through the 1967 and 1973 wars in Israel; David through the IRA terrorist onslaughts in Ireland. We also examine the “ethics” of collective punishment by the State.


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