Forget Iran, China And Hunter: Americans Are Suffering

Ilana Mercer, December 8, 2022

A previous column, “The Hell With Hunter; Call Joe In For Hearings On Treason, Cancel The Neocons While You’re At It,” ventured that, “If the GOP were seriously working for Deplorables, and not engaged in tit-for-tat political gotcha among elites—they’d pursue First Principles driven congressional oversight.” Biden would, duly, be summonsed for a hearing not about his loathsome son’s lap top and lap dancers, but on a charge of treason against the American people.

Intentionally, and as a matter of policy, Biden has left the southern border wide-open and unguarded—in effect inviting the world to invade the country, and thus flouting the law and his constitutional obligation as commander-in-chief to preserve America’s territorial integrity and protect its population’s safety.

To willfully not secure the border and enforce national security certainly seems like a treasonous offense, an impeachable high crime.

At the same time, we live in a country in which legal barriers and borders are enforced most harshly against law-abiding caucasians.

Put it this way: Were I to advise my white friends in South Africa, whom I miss more than you know, to wade into the United States via the Rio Grande—I am certain they’d be separated from their children and promptly deported. That pigment is privilege seems implicit in US immigration policy. Brown and black illegal immigrants everywhere may enter the US unimpeded, unvaccinated, their tribes in tow. Not so whites. Most of us try to follow the law, and are the worse for it.

Also, to be both white and unvaccinated—the COVID clot-shot having been transformed into an Orwellian mark of compliance—is to be blighted twice. Officially, unvaccinated non-citizens may still not enter the United States. The TSA and the DHS have decided to extend President Biden’s Proclamation banning unvaccinated non-citizens from entering the US at least until January 2023. The GOP, no surprise, is mum. It is clear this edict is not enforced against the millions of Latin Americans and other browns and blacks pouring into America from across the globe with no end in sight.

Equally dispiriting—more in need of legislator oversight than the Hunter Biden distraction—is the plight of very many Americans who’re denied access to major arteries of commerce and democratic participation having been convicted of thought crimes, for expressing impolite and impolitic ideas.

Financial de-platforming is when you are barred from banking, crowd funding or transacting, say, via PayPal. PayPal had threatened to fine any user of its banking service $2500 if that user was spreading “misinformation” or “hate, violence, racial or other forms of intolerance….”  After broad pushback, PayPal reversed itself and said the guidelines were published “in error.” And, JP Morgan Chase, for example, closed Kanye West’s bank account because of his remarks about certain Jews.

Financial de-platforming  teeters on violating another’s natural right to make a living. For how do you make a living if you can’t bank? Do you revert to a barter economy (a book for some bread)? Go underground? Hunker in home-based industries? Keep afloat by word of mouth? Go door-to-door? Oh, I know: Beat the tom-tom drum if your email service is severed, given that our email accounts and other server-supported facilities are currently under threat, too, with no promise of a remedy from Republican representatives.

Barring someone from PayPal is like prohibiting a passenger from crossing the English Channel by high-speed train, via ferry and by airplane. “Take a dingy, you hapless loser.” Or so the Republicans seem to be saying, to judge from their silence on the matter, and most matters other than the Hunter “Baaden”, ditto-head’s political dead-end.

Once in control of Congress, will these useless bums fire up their boilers over bleeding borders, vaccine mandates and financial and social de-platforming? I doubt it.

Eddies of passion now flow from the conservative commentariat to the Chinese locked down by their government. And for Iranian women locked behind the hijab. Iran is no great shakes. China is terrible. But how dare our “thought leaders” agitate at cyclone strength for Chinese and Iranian protesters, yet offer a collective yawn over liberty sundered at home!

Americans have endured lockdowns, still battle vaccine mandates, cannot unite with unvaccinated friends and family outside the US and are subjected to FBI raids and other Security State surveillance.

The pincer for the person bucking orthodoxy comes when, with state acquiescence, corporate thought police cancels nonconformists, publicly shames and financially ousts them. Jan. 6 protesters and other prisoners of conscience are denied their due process rights. Other than Marjorie Taylor Greene, Republican from Georgia, no representatives intervene on their behalf. Libertarian activist Julian Assange is slowly being murdered by the Anglo-American axis of evil for exposing its machinations; and Americans are maimed and murdered daily by a sinecured, coddled criminal class, imported or hot-housed here at home by elected officials who reject the Sixth Commandment.

Sodom and Gomorrah.

It so happens that the real story in Iran is not the women and their nosebags—who, once in the US, become indistinguishable from our own woke witches, down to the tumbleweed hair and the banalities that tumble from their motor mouths. That’s not nosy America’s business. Rather, the real story is our successive, neoconservative administrations starving the Iranian people. If they can’t kill directly, the neocons of Foggy Bottom and DOJ, whichever party is in charge, steal from Iranians or starve ’em.

The neoconservative faction is unperturbed by the fact that Iran has been crippled economically; that 57 million live below the poverty line there because of our economic embargoes, cheered on just as vampirically by Barack Obama than by Michael Pompeo, former US secretary of state.

Under President Obama’s reign of terror abroad—the Iranian currency lost 65 percent of its value and endured a SWIFT and devastating eviction from the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication.

Iranians are starving due to mandated US sanction. Millions of them go hungry. So, what does the US do to ease the suffering? Steal some more. In 2020, the DOJ confiscated oil Iranians own and were trying to sell to stay alive. “Approximately 1.116 million barrels of petroleum from four merchant tankers bound for Venezuela” were pirated by the Department of Injustice. The US has also frozen about $120 billion in Iranian assets, “frozen” being a euphemism for theft. Ask the likes of Dinesh D’Souza, and he’ll tell you in his hermetically “tight” argumentation for America The Good, that because America is good, we can steal from other nations. I hope you are unconvinced by all such non sequiturs.

Lift embargoes on Iran, and let the International Atomic Energy Agency do its job. (The IAEA is pretty good, and was spot on about Iraq!) Iran’s loud and proud ladies are their business.

THAT’S THE HARD TRUTH  your columnist and UK’s David Vance discuss in “Musk Restoring Twitter. Treason On The Border; GOP MIA.

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