The Hell With Hunter; Call Joe In For Hearings On Treason, Cancel The Neocons While You’re At It

Ilana Mercer, November 24, 2022

The Republicans are investigating the Hunter “Baaaden” affair, to imitate the repetitive intonations emitted by Fox News’ Australian journalist, about the “Baaaden” laptop.

Deplorables, don’t be misled into this dummies-and-ditto-heads dead-end. This is vintage lightweight, GOP tit-for-tat distraction, on par with the Democrats’ ongoing January 6 production.

The Hunter Biden preoccupation amounts to, “They (Democrats) do January 6; we (Republicans) hack away at—or hit back with—Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell.”

The outcome: The Democrats get what they want: détente. They neuter Deplorables, sending us down a political rabbit hole.

We gain nothing from such a foray. It’s zero-sum for Deplorables.

Legal scholar Jonathan Turley, whom I respect, disagrees. Turley, understand, operates within the philosophical parameters of the state. By and large, he believes in the extant integrity of American institutions, even confident that one party is more righteous than the other. When out-of-sync, the good party led by the right people, or so the good professor imagines, is sure to right wrongs through a congressional committee.

Wrong. Not for nothing do we call it the Permanent State, fronted as it is by evil and stupid-party operatives.

Correctly so, the matter of the FBI’s endemic corruption and bias has been settled both in the minds of deplorables and by the objective facts. (FBI Director James Comey anyone? Director Christopher Wray?)

If the GOP were seriously working for Deplorables, and not engaged in tit-for-tat political gotcha—they’d pursue First Principles driven congressional oversight.

Duly, Biden would be summonsed for a hearing charging that by intentionally, and as a matter of policy, leaving the Southern border wide-open and unguarded—in effect inviting the world to invade our country—the president is willfully flouting his constitutional obligation to protect Americans from foreign invaders, and is thus committing treason.

The obligation of a Republican congressional majority is to pursue oversight by investigating and prosecuting a flagrant violation by the president of his constitutional obligation to defend the United States and its people from foreign invasions.

That the incoming Republican congressional majority is already falling flat, opting for showy politicking, instead of a solemn focus on Biden’s treason against his people, is all the more jarring given the GOP’s abject failure to deliver as promised in the 2022 midterms.

Other predictably ominous signs were on display at a recent Republican Jewish Coalition conference, where some Republicans who ought to disappear reappeared.

In particular, “Mike Pompeo, Trump’s hand-picked secretary of State and CIA director,” and Nikki Haley, Trump’s U.N. ambassador. She is threatening to win the presidency, bragging that “she’s ‘never lost an election and is not going to start now.’”

Both Pompeo and Haley are known for their robotic, neoconservative sloganeering against Bashar al-Assad’s more enlightened Alawite regime—did you know Syria’s Christians simply love him?—against Putin’s Russian Orthodox traditionalist rule, and the impoverished Iran, against which Israel perpetually agitates.

Trump had surrounded himself with such men and women in whom ingrained was the war forevermore neoconservative foreign policy.

Take Mike Ponce, the former vice president. He told Bret Baier, a Fox News neoconservative host, that it is imperative the “United States and the new Republican majority continue to provide the Ukrainian people with the support they need to defend themselves.”

In other words, enable war forevermore for Ukraine, so its slimy leader, Zelensky, can continue to play his biggest role yet and is exempt from his solemn duty to do diplomacy, even though, to go by biblical standards, “a leader who fails to haggle for the lives of his people is a failed leader.”

Pence spoke to the latest allegation against Russia, namely that of dropping ordnance on Poland, a NATO member. He rashly spouted forth about an Article 5 obligation to go to war for Poland, and then further waffled in his best ponderous, faux presidential manner, that Russia ought to be “transparent” during the investigation into the origin of the bomb that fell on “Ukraine” (sic: it fell on Poland, Mr. Pence). This, when the US is stoking the Russia-Ukraine conflict as vociferously as Zelensky is.

“I’ve gone toe-to-toe with Putin,” boasted Pence. He followed up with the cretin’s commonplace: “Putin understands only strength.” Other than that Trump deployed the worst possible people during his term—Pence stands as a reminder to Deplorables that he and Trump provided lethal arms to Ukraine.

Likely a bit of a fabricator, Pence then blamed Biden for confining billions in Ukrainian military aid to “blankets and boxed meals.” He thinks he alone could truly support Ukraine in the style to which this little tinpot destination has become accustomed. So argued Mr. Pence, striking his best “I’m-presidential” pose.

We are further informed that Pence and wife Karen visited Ukraine … blah blah blah, and he is thus in the position to advise that it is imperative that the USA continue to pump this great Democracy with funds to defend its great democracy.

Of course, the “defending-democracy” premise is one that Fox News’ Tucker Carlson uses in his case against assisting Ukraine in perpetuity. Carlson claims Ukraine is not a democracy, hence deserves no defense.

Both Pence and Tucker use democracy to justify opposing policies, proving only that democracy as a premise for or against a particular American foreign policy is wrong. And an error.

These discrepancies only expose the impoverished neoconservative nature of a foreign policy based on the US’s obligations to act in furtherance of democracy across the world.

“If you are willing to fight communists in your country; we’ll provide you the means”: Mike Pence explained that this is the Reagan doctrine to which he subscribes.

Right there is another good reason to disqualify Pence and jingoists like him from office. Putin’s Russia is not communist; it is traditionalist, reactionary; a Russian-Orthodox centered, somewhat-authoritarian state widely supported by the Russians.

Pence is still working from the defunct, cold-war based Reagan doctrine.

The man, Pence, holds a neoconservative foreign policy and believes his priorities lie with Ukraine, not with the people of the US, Deplorables in particular, whose freedoms are curtailed stateside.

So, the hell with Hunter; call Joe in for hearings on treason, and cancel the neocons while you’re at it.

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