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In Africa, You Oust A Tyrant, But Not Tyranny 12/27/2017
From Gender Neutrality To Gender Fluidity IN THE MILITARY 12/20/2017
Busted: Scripture-Twisting Reverend Pushing Borderless U.S. 12/13/2017
Flynn’s Sin Was Lying To Liars, Not Colluding With Russians 12/06/2017
Why All Three South-African Presidents Supported Robert Mugabe 11/30/2017
Why Tax Breaks Won’t Stop High-Tech, H-1B Human Trafficking 11/16/2017
Why Hatred Of Whites Is Here To Stay 11/09/2017
A Muslim Ban Is Logical, Moral, Even Libertarian 11/02/2017
Niger: Finally, A War John McCain Doesn’t Love 10/26/2017
Harvey Sweinstein And Hollywood’s Hos 10/19/2017
Conservatism’s Perennial Piñata 10/12/2017
The Americans Targeted In Vegas Are What Makes America GREAT 10/05/2017
“Taking A Knee” Is Akin To Taking A Pee 09/28/2017
Stop Shopping Till You Drop, Or Till A Terrorist Drops You 09/21/2017
What Cultural Marxists Would Say About Looting 09/14/2017
The Radical Republicans: The Antifa Of 1865 09/06/2017
Lincoln Or Lee? What Would Hitler Say? 08/28/2017
Barcelona and Beyond: How Politicians & Policy Wonks Play God With Your Life 08/20/2017
James Damore V. Google: Man Against Multinational & Matriarchy 08/12/2017
An X-Rated Conversation about LGBTQ & XX In The Military 08/01/2017
Truman Would Have Agreed With Trump On The CIA In Syria 07/22/2017
Hiring Another Swamp Creature For The FBI 07/14/2017
Declaration Of Independence No Longer Expresses ‘The American Mind’ 07/04/2017
Making Sense of The Russia Monomania 06/17/2017
Trump Fends Off “Showboat” Comey And The Federal Zombies 06/09/2017
The American Architects of The South-African Catastrophe 06/09/2017
Elon Musk, Et Al.: The Corporate Arm Of The Deep-State 06/03/2017
Manchester Massacre and the Immigration Vexation 05/25/2017
Carpetbagger Sets Sights On Robert E. Lee. 05/16/2017
Thanks, POTUS, For Breaking-Up The Annual Correspondents’ Circle Jerk 05/08/2017
Damned Lies And Statistics About Black-On-White Farm Murders In South Africa 05/01/2017
Why The H-1B Visa Racket Should Be Abolished, Not Reformed 04/21/2017
What Ivanka Wants, Ivanka Gets 04/13/2017
Life With Islam And Its Enablers 04/04/2017
Jihad’s Triumph On Westminster Bridge 03/31/2017
Africa BC/AC (Before and After Colonialism) 03/26/2017
What Rep. Steve King’s ‘Racist’ Statements Teach 03/19/2017
The Donald Vs. The ‘Deep State’ 03/09/2017
Let Milo Design The Wall 03/02/2017
Islam, Not Trump, Is The Elephant In The Room, Threatening Jewish Survival 02/22/2017
High-Tech Traitors Are Social Justice Warriors 1st; Businessmen 2nd 02/17/2017
Coequal in Tyranny: The Ninth Circuit’s Rules for Radicals 02/12/2017
Are Liberals Turned-On By Turning The Other (Gluteus Maximus) Cheek? 02/06/2017
Beware The Values Cudgel 02/05/2017
President Trump Vs. The Democrat Dunce-Cap Lobby 02/02/2017
Make Jerusalem Safe Again 01/25/2017
‘Go On Now Go,’ Barack Obama, ‘Walk Out The Door …’ 01/19/2017
Faking History To Make The Black Kids Feel Good (Part II*) 01/14/2017
Helping The Sharpton & Obama Afrocentrism ‘Fade to Black’ (Part I) 01/13/2017
Making America’s Kids Great Again 01/05/2017
Bye-Bye Barack: Loser Fights For Legacy 01/01/2017
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