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Wage Walls, Not Wars 12/27/2018
Meet The Kushners: First Couple In-Waiting 12/20/2018
Will CDC Trace Polio-Like Outbreak, Or Just Shout ‘Racism’? 12/13/2018
Let’s Mobilize An Army Of Stone Throwers On Border 12/06/2018
Liberals Want America To Go Borderless 11/29/2018
The New Norm: Crime, But Not Punishment 11/15/2018
Slate’s Resident Idiot Slanders Jewish Woman — Me 11/09/2018
If The Disunited States Of America Is To Survive … 11/01/2018
The Caravans Cometh, Making America Great No More 10/25/2018
The Dominatrix Party, AKA Party Of Man-Haters 10/18/2018
Christine Blah-Blah Ford & Her Hippocampus 10/04/2018
GOP Betrayal: The Cross Examination That Never Was 09/27/2018
U.S. Business Itching To Import Cheap Labor 09/20/2018
Yellow Journalism Of Bob Woodward & The New York Times 09/13/2018
Apartheid In Black And White: Survivalism, Not Racism (2) 09/06/2018
Apartheid In Black And White: Truth About The Afrikaner (1) 08/30/2018
Land Reform In Ramaphosa’s South Africa 08/23/2018
Yes, The Left Stole Liberalism & Sold Out The West 08/16/2018
Obama Ignores Genocide In South Africa 08/09/2018
Whites, Men, Republicans And Other Scum 08/02/2018
The Progressive Pragmatism of Shapiro And McCain 07/26/2018
Doubting The Intelligence Of The Intelligence Community 07/19/2018
Lies About Putin, Syria & The Alawite Alliance 07/12/2018
Separated From My Child—And Nobody Cares 07/05/2018
Applauding The Donald’s Ongoing Creative Destruction 06/28/2018
Why Are Unfit Parents Fit To Become Americans? 06/21/2018
A Global ‘Right Of Return’ To The U.S.? Who Knew? 06/14/2018
The Demonization Of Whites By Mrs. Bill Gates & Other Dangerous Idiots 06/07/2018
“Liberal Brains Are Pickled In The Formaldehyde Of Identity Politics” 05/31/2018
School Shootings: A Moral-Health, Not Mental-Health, Problem 05/24/2018
Whodunit? Who “Meddled” With Our American Democracy? (Part 2) 05/17/2018
Texas Vs. The Pacific Coast: Explaining The Yankee Mindset 05/10/2018
Are Liberal Pervs Sexually Obsessed With Refugees? 04/27/2018
Is Diversity Driving Decline In The White Population? 04/19/2018
Trashing Populism: Dim-Bulb Academic Vs. Deplorables 04/12/2018
Trump Must Stop ‘Refugee Caravan’ Invasion With Executive Order 04/05/2018
When Merit-Based Hiring Is Deemed Racist, Bridges Fall Down 03/29/2018
John Quincy Adams is Turning in His Grave 03/22/2018
Trade Deficits In The Context Of State-Managed Trade And Systemic Debt 03/15/2018
South Africa Land Theft: Crappy Constitution All But Allows It 03/08/2018
The Teachers’ Pets Of Douglas High Can’t Think Straight 03/01/2018
Jews Must Never Forget Trump For Remembering Our Unforgettable Jerusalem 02/22/2018
The Matriarchy Is Gunning For John Kelly 02/15/2018
Whodunit? Who “Meddled” With “Our Democracy”? (Part 1) 02/07/2018
Why Trump Pooh-Poohed “S-ithole” Countries (Part 2) 01/31/2018
Trump’s ‘Shithole’ Controversy Deconstructed (Part 1) 01/18/2018
DACA: ‘A Bill Of Love’ Or A Bill Of Goods? 01/10/2018
How President Trump Normalized Neoconservatism 01/03/2018
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