Empire’s Soldiers Head To Afghanistan To Defend The Homeland And Their Homeboys

Ilana Mercer, September 9, 2021

Fox News celebrity anchors and their tough-talking guests continue to trip over one another to talk up the wonders of our Afghan allies and the legions of Afghan Americans who have American citizenship, but happen to hang out a lot in Afghanistan. It’s a terrible affront, they all say, that America has failed to lift them all to safety.

Between the Republicans and the Democrats, there isn’t a country in the world that could not be a target for resettlement in America.

Wait a sec, there is: South Africa. Truth be told, I’m deeply repulsed by legions of Americans, ex-soldiers and other sentimental sniveling wrecks, rushing to bring Afghanistan to the United States.

I’m a South-African American. Who’s rescuing the people I love and left in South Africa? We South-African Americans never think to demand it, although Afghan-Americans stridently do.

Some of my people have been robbed and beaten within an inch of their lives. And others are subjected to daily racial depredations and discrimination; their white kids having no future to speak of. All are far more compatible with life here, although, to be fair, my South Africans do suffer a comorbidity: they’re white.

One of the networks interviewed one Tim Kennedy, a hardened, yet teary ex-military man, Special Forces.

On August the 26th, as he packed his bag, Kennedy waxed fat to his interviewer about dying for anyone who wanted to fight for a freer world.

And off this globalist went to fight for his people du jour, the Afghans. (On Twitter he promotes Special Visas for Afghan.)

I find it hard to respect this kind of deracinated, rootless soldier of Empire.

Although funded by Americans, the US military’s allegiances are global and humanitarian. Our soldiers are trained to be “a global force for good.” That’s their mindset. And that, in 2009, was the actual recruiting motto for the U.S. Navy, for a short while.

The slogan was quickly ditched then, but it is perfectly apropos now, since recruits are inculcated with a thoroughly cosmopolitan, even anti-American, sensibility.

I can’t listen to Special Forces Kennedy’s obscene, quintessentially neoconservative rants about the bad, bad Taliban. Unlike ordinary Americans, these soldiers of Empire have been brainwashed to be thoroughly vested in the fate of homelands not their own. This, as their own homeland is being invaded and is packed with poor, sad people.

Cory Mills is another ex-Special Forces guy bragging about the massive global effort he and another GOP Congressman galvanized in order to import Afghani Muslims into our neighborhoods.

MAGA and America First just didn’t register with the GOP, did they? The GOP’s default is globalism. Which is why I say, “GOP, RIP.”

If members of the US Military had a moral core—in the original spirit of Posse comitatus, an ancient English institution—they’d head to their own country’s southwestern border where an unremitting invasion is underway.

Or, they’d help so many pathetic, helpless and hopeless Americans, an example being “The Whittakers: An Inbred American Family,” living like neglected, shelterless animals in the United States of America. These poor Americans have nothing! But they are not a cause exotic enough for our military and the elites that shape its philosophy. Impoverished Americans don’t have refugee chic.

My point: There is so much unutterable suffering in the US.  The bravado of the typical, tough-talking military man, gushing over—and rushing to—Afghanistan not only doesn’t impress me much, but it turns the stomach.

As I watch the wretched of the world living within America’s borders, I think of the words of Cullen Murphy, author of the superb “Are We Rome? The Fall of an Empire and the Fate of Rome”:

“Imperial overstretch” is “the idea that one’s security needs, military obligations, and globalist desires increasingly outstrip resources available to satisfy them” (p. 71).

Outsized, excessive and over-the-top: The above is a perfect description of the improper and misplaced exhilaration of the Kennedy and Mills military types, on their private mission to Afghanistan. Everything about their displays is outsized, excessive and over-the-top.

Such a military sickens, because a military by definition is designed to defend the homeland and the homeboys.


WATCH: ‘Empire’s Soldiers Head To Afghanistan To Defend The Homeland And Their Homeboys


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