The Warbots, The FLOTUS & Other Terrifying Things

Ilana Mercer, August 13, 2010

ISLAM, THY NAME IS TERROR. Hillary Rodham Clinton delivered a heartfelt tribute to the 10 medical aid workers who were executed in the northern Badakhshan Province of Afghanistan. Experts say the culprits were likely a splinter, freelancing gang, calling itself the Taliban. Six of their victims were American. Had a gang of Jews or Christians perpetrated these acts against such saintly do-gooders ─ members of the murdered International Assistance Mission had wrapped up a cataract clinic and where on their way to improve dentition in another remote locale ─ Hillary would not have needed to reassure her countrymen about the peacefulness of the Jewish and Christian faiths. Alas, as anyone who has heard of Hamas, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, Sirhan Sirhan, Al Qaeda, Mohamed Atta, Hezbollah, and Chechnya will know ─ terror, thy name is Islam. So, out came a variation on the magic mantra. “Terror has no religion,” promised the Secretary of State. Whatever you say. Just so long as Christians driven by the love of Jesus Christ scrutinize the travel advisory you issue, Madam Secretary, on the State Department’s website, for Americans bound to Afghanistan. Following lengthy descriptions of the mess and misery one can expect in that country, the traveler is informed that Islam informs every aspect of life in Afghanistan. Fair enough.


WARBOTS ON THE WARPATH. More insights into the influence of America and its cowed and coerced allies in that blighted and benighted region came to us courtesy of WikiLeaks, cyberspace’s answer to the Empire. Veteran war correspondent Eric Margolis put it well:


“The facts revealed by WikiLeaks are indeed shocking: wide-scale killing of civilians by US and NATO forces; torture of prisoners handed over to the Communist-dominated Afghan secret police; American death squads; endemic corruption and theft; double-dealing and demoralization of Western occupation forces facing ever fiercer Taliban resistance. … WikiLeaks has done the world a service by confirming what critics of the Afghan War have long been saying.”


Presidents Barack Obama and George Bush, aided by their lapdogs in Congress and among the media, are responsible for stationing American soldiers in Afghanistan ─ first to find Osama Bin Laden, and when that mission failed, to introduce a tribal society to the joys of gay marriage, the ballot box, and female emancipation. These are the people to blame when Afghans and Americans come to harm. WikiLeaks has simply pulled back the curtain to reveal what the cozy military-media-industrial-congressional complex is doing in your name (sorry, “for you freedoms,” to parrot Palin). Yet, instead of ending this 300 billion dollar disaster of an occupation, the warbots want to quash the WikiLeaks uprising, arrest its founder, Julian Assange, and kill the leaker, Private Bradley Manning. The last recommendation was made by US Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.). Rogers wants Manning executed. Republicans don’t seem to give a fig about the corruption and collateral murder in which the military has become mired in the course of prosecuting the “AfPak” war.


PIMP MY FLOTUS. A world away from her husband’s dirty little war was the First Lady’s ostentatious sojourn to Spain. I must say that the Marie Antoinette metaphor for Michelle did not do it for me. Despite the motorcades and the session with the Spanish monarchs at their Marivent Palace — the mental imagine that I got was made in America; it came from Reality TV or MTV. Shades of the shows “Pimp my Ride” and “Cribs” came to mind. Coloring my imagination was a vivid, prior mental image of the “sedate” soiree the first lady held for Mexican President Felipe Calderon, down to the disco ball, and the half-nude, pelvis-grinding Beyonce. (Bibi Netanyahu was confined to the cellar.)

Still sillier were demands our patrician pundits made (at least one of whom has touted one-time porn star Kim Kardashian as a role model because she does not imbibe) for Mrs. Obama’s dollars to be spent stateside, so as to boost the American economy. Michelle Obama’s income comes from taxpayers. The first family doesn’t produce anything; it only consumes American wealth. Somewhere in the US, productive activities have already been suspended in order to fund the POTUS, the FLOTUS and their lavish lives. It matters not where the first family spends the loot.

August 13

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