A Society Of Deviants Sanctions Onanism With An Infant

Ilana Mercer, July 7, 2022

Bearded trans men chest-feeding: paternal or sexual?

Many are the strictures placed on what can be said and what can’t be said in matters sexual. The anatomy of breastfeeding, naturally, is no longer discussed, for a little digging – a wee-bit of knowledge – would reveal that only biological females can breastfeed successfully, by which I mean, sustain the infant so that it grows and develops on a diet of breast milk. Having breastfed my own daughter successfully until she rejected me (at 9 months), I know.

In any event, a member of the sexually exotic community who claims no longer to be woman cannot sustain an infant through breastfeeding because “he” doesn’t produce breast milk, having had the mammary glands removed. What then is the purpose of such showy displays of “chest-feeding”?

If it is not for the purpose of sustenance, then unsuccessful breastfeeding by a transgendered individual becomes merely an experience, even a production, in furtherance of that individual’s ego-bound gender- and sexual fulfillment.

And worse: I suggest that, in breastfeeding, sexually exotic individuals are often engaged in indecent exposure or some form of sexually charged exhibitionism, if in public. In my day, we breastfed in private and were modest about it. No one feels comfortable around a woman – much less a “man” – who insists that his or her mammary glands are not sexual object too, foisting them on bashful company.

Is this man-woman, then, engaged in the “natural” act of breastfeeding, or is this something far more sinister like a sexual experience? Is this not tantamount to titillating oneself, using the baby to get-off?

Since the deviant described in the article and discussed in the podcast “Bearded Men Breast Feeding In Public: Paternal Or Kinky?” is not sustaining the infant – is not a successful breast-feeder, as the well is dry – and since, by self-admission, the person’s main project is his/her gender identity, I suggest this character is deriving unacknowledged sexual pleasure from fixing a child on to his secondary sexual organs.

The baby here is a prop. The breast feeding is near-sexual. And a society of deviants is sanctioning onanism with an infant: A grown man here is likely using an infant to pleasure himself. An infant has no agency, hence onanism.

A reader at the Unz Review asserted that women, too, get aroused during legitimate breastfeeding. Ridiculous. And, if so, disgusting distaff! Put a lid on it. Curb yourself, will you?

What I remember of the breastfeeding experience is a mother-baby cocoon, with baby occasionally taking a break (these gender-appropriators forget that a baby nurses to survive, sate hunger, grow) to smile, play with my hair, burp. This is a much better formula for mother-child bonding than baby formula.

Wrote another: “That is one of the sweetest descriptions of the mother and child bonding experience I’ve ever read. Nothing prurient at all. Just love. The hair part got me.”

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