Hard Racial Truths About WHO Trudeau And Biden Despise

Ilana Mercer, February 24, 2022

As the eponymous title of our podcast promises, my partner David Vance and I dish out the “Hard Truth” about the emergency situation unraveling—or, is it wrapping up?—in Canada.

Although our side won the first round—Canadian dicktator Justine Trudeau having suddenly caved and revoked the unconstitutional emergency powers seized for no good reason shortly after extending them—the battle is just beginning. We are not afraid to say that this is part of a war on whites.

Conservatives persist in pretending the Canadian Convoy for Freedom, which has served as a lodestar for liberty lovers across the West, was purely class-based and a multicultural affair. The anti-white impetus convulsing the Anglosphere continues to be a blind-spot papered-over on our side, although it is an unspoken reality.

We believe that the crackdown in Canada is antiwhite in essence and that such an assertion is axiomatically true. Was it not self-evidently clear every time the camera panned out? Put it this way: Do you think Trudeau would have boiled over with such bile as he has done, bringing the full weight of the Security and Surveillance State down upon these good, hard-working trucker families if this protest were brown and black in sizeable numbers? Please!

Do you think that the “man,” Justine, would have labeled and libeled the truckers as racists, extremists, misogynists, insurrectionists and confederate sympathizers if a good chunk of them were brown and black? Neva! In operation is the bias that dare not speak its name—for to finger antiwhite racism is itself considered racist.

It has to be said, though, that our North American First Nations, as my source tells me, were in Ottawa, beating the drums and chanting for freedom. In fact, one of the leaders of the trucker movement, Tamara Lich, “is of Métis heritage.” Oddly, our Amerindians, who maintain their distrust of the oppressive federal authorities, stateside and in Canada, are “conservatism’s perennial piñata.” Perhaps it is because, unlike African-Americans, Native-Americans have little political clout and even less of a ruthlessly extractive approach to politics.

Trudeau has centralized and militarized police powers, and outlawed peaceful, constitutional civil disobedience. He proceeded to de-person protesters and anyone in support of a protest that was idyllically peaceful. He suspended due process of the law.

Imagine if Donald Trump had declared a state of emergency under the U.S. National Emergencies Act during the 2020 race riots. Imagine how the degenerate progressives who framed BLM-wrought destruction as a form of national cleansing and renewal would have reacted. This columnist had actually called for bringing in the Feds to uphold natural rights, on the grounds that “protection of natural rights trumps federalism.” But nothing materialized. Trump left law and order up to states and localities. He and the useless GOP impressed upon us that if we expected our natural right to live unmolested by mobs be upheld; we Deplorables would have to relocate to states like Florida or South Dakota.

You can say that Trudeau has implemented the January 6 playbook in Canada. Writes Julie Kelly:

“What the Trudeau regime is now unleashing against the truckers and their supporters has been underway in America for more than a year. Using January 6 as a pretext, the Biden regime is brandishing its authority to crush political dissent. Now, it appears Trudeau and his apparatchiks are stealing the U.S. Justice Department’s playbook of power and pain.”

“Biden, like Trudeau, refers to [January 6] protesters as ‘white supremacists’ and Nazis.” If people who are “properly” diverse had been among the January 6 crowd in significant numbers, Biden would not have dared to mouth-off in this way. Likewise Trudeau about the truckers.

Since Democracy is uppermost on everybody’s minds these days—defending it, exporting it, upholding it—it behooves me to remind fetishists of this political dispensation that Trudeau’s Liberal government’s decision to invoke the Emergencies Act passed by a “decisive” vote of 185 to 151 in the House of Commons. Democratically. Barring the Canadian Conservatives and the Bloc Quebecois; by democracy’s measure, a “majority” had agreed with Trudeau’s tyranny against the truckers.

Democracy is not self-government. Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn almost got it right when he said, “Fifty-one percent of a nation can establish a totalitarian regime, suppress minorities and still remain democratic.” Correction: All that can be achieved with only 51 percent of the vote.

So, how do we hate thee, Justine Trudeau? David and I count the ways and the whys.

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