Who’s Worse: Bashar’s Babe Or ‘Obama Girl’?

Ilana Mercer, June 15, 2012


A dictator known as Barack Hussein Obama has a devotee known as “Obama Girl.” In better days, Bashar Hafez al-Assad, another tyrant, had his own babe to do his bidding. “Obama Girl,” Amber Lee Ettinger, is the toast of the town; Bashar’s babe, Sheherazad el Jaafari, is being chased out of town.

The 22-year-old el Jaafari, the daughter of Syria’s UN ambassador, was admitted to Columbia University, in the City of New York, on the recommendation of a veteran of American broadcasting. Haya Dweidary, another Syrian student at Columbia, wants el Jaafari expelled from the University. Evincing the sort of reasoning we’ve come to expect from our Ivy League students, Dweidary calls el Jaafari “horrible and supporting the [Syrian] regime.” Dweidary further alleges that el Jaafari is a close associate of Assad and was involved in human-rights violations in Syria. But, in the main, Dweidary’s case against el Jaafari rests on envy, directed at “privileged people getting access to everything.”

Syrian squabbles imported; that’s cosmopolitan diversity (or the “melting pot”) at work.

Wikipedia credits “Obama Girl” with an entry, describing her as one who “rose to fame … in her Internet video ‘I Got a Crush… on Obama,’ in which she expressed her admiration of then-U.S. Senator Barack Obama.” Fame followed in quick succession. “The video led to numerous sketch comedy appearances and interviews on Saturday Night Live, Geraldo at Large, The O’Reilly Factor, and Hannity.”

Once a Hooters Miss Manhattan and a Miss Howard [Stern] TV, “Obama Girl” (AKA Ettinger) is particularly loved on “Huckabee,” the Fox News TV show of the former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (whom Phyllis Schlafly, conservatism’s “first lady,” accused of “destroying the conservative movement in Arkansas”).

Although entire news segments have been devoted to “Obama Girl’s” 2012 dilemma, no intrepid reporter has dared ask Ettinger to denounce the atrocities her dictator of choice has committed since the days she shook her behind for him on YouTube.

The president is a serial killer. The Surveillance State has metastasized under Barack Obama, whose growing fleet of armed Predators and Reapers—operated by both the CIA and the Military’s Joint Special Operations Command—each has its own Kill List, overseen personally by the president. As I write, Obama is likely pouring over pictures of Yemeni teenagers (“terrorists”), deciding who’ll live and whose time is up. Couple his kill-list venture and his leadership role in the leveling of Libya—and Obama is up there with the “best” of dictators.

On the support-for-statism scale, “Obama Girl” got to first base with Obama, and beyond.

Assad’s opportunistic sidekick, on the other hand, described her time at his side as “a challenging experience” that was “good for [her] CV. That’s all I care about now.”

Pray tell, to what end did Obama’s famous floozy put on a T & A show for her man? I hazard that it was with the express purpose of capturing the attentions of America’s media cartel, and making the most of those 15 minutes of fame.

Assisting Assad’s sidekick was Barbara Walters, that icon of American journalism (the “veteran broadcaster”). Walters is even cattier than the never-clever Katie Couric. All Walters’ interviews make the flesh crawl. Her idea of getting to the guts of a story: Bring a supremely vulnerable celebrity to tears. (The wicked Walters once prefaced an interview with Celine Dion by pronouncing, “You are not beautiful.” She then watched gleefully as tears welled in Dion’s beautiful eyes.)

Walters has since expressed “regret” (pronounced “wegwet”) for pulling strings to get the suspect Syrian admitted into Columbia’s School of Public and International Affairs (SIPA).

Befitting its gossipy impetus, The Daily Beast broke this non-story. Al Arabiya and CNN’s John King amplified it. CNN, like the Saudi-owned, Dubai-based television news channel, is vested in toppling Assad. CNN reporters and their bosses are, inexplicably, excited by America’s angels-and-demons foreign policy production, starring the prototypical evil dictator who is killing his noble people. A happy ending in such febrile minds would see the US ride to the rescue.

The Sunni television station wants Assad gone for reasons more intelligent. Al Arabiya shares its theological and geopolitical vision with Al Jazeera, yet another television enterprise headquartered in Doha, and owned by the Gulf state of Qatar. Qatar has adopted the regime-change policy of Saudi Arabia (in particular), the Sunni-dominated Arab League (in general), John McCain’s, Sean Hannity’s, and as many US liberals.

You see, as an Alawite, Al-Assad belongs to the opposing, Shia strand of Islam.

The question is, however, why are we Americans rooting for the Sunnis of the region? And the answer: America doesn’t know Shia from Shinola.

As to Bashar’s Babe: Is she so much more reprehensible than “Obama Girl,” who has worked her bootie off for America’s killer drone?

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June 15

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