Sacrificing Kids To PC Pietism

Ilana Mercer, July 1, 2011

After brief observation, here is how an alien from deep space would puzzle over the creatures who, by dint of a miracle, still dominate the Western world:

This prototypical man is flabby in body and mind. He is fearful and easily cowed. He erupts in tears at a drop of a hat. He is gripped by the culture of apology, and flagellates over sins he has not committed. His eternal state of expiation is driven not by goodness, but by insufferable self-righteousness.

This archetypal Western man forgives unspeakable violence against himself and those he is obligated to protect. He would not hurt a fly, much less repel a foe. An astute alien would notice that, in this regard, there is not a dime’s worth of difference between the “conservative” and “liberal” earthling. Both insist on catering to and enabling organized entities—in politics and in other crime— that despise them for their abilities and frailties, and instinctively seek to harm them.

These hostile identity groups segregate themselves voluntarily from the western weakling, something our alien well-understands. He himself has little respect for a people that enables evil as a matter of principle. (However, to his superiors, the alien in this parable will be recommending not conquest, but cooperation. It better fits with his civilization.)

Flash- feral mobs flood places of commerce across the once-great country of America. What does the overwhelmed creature under observation do? “Conservative” or liberal, he refuses to finger his assailants. Instead, his experts implicate abstractions (“risk-taking”), and his media mouthpieces (The Huffington Post and Fox News) point to technology such as social media. Yet another, least logical, bogus causal agent invoked (at the “American Thinker”): the racism of the Democratic Party.

Not only does this generic Joe refuse to identify his proud, empowered attackers, but he rejects the possibility that they act out of ingrained animus for his kind. The swarms that descended to take what is his—to hurt him and even kill him—he jocularly terms mischief-makers, teens, twitter-operators, technology savvy youth. Yes, this brow-beaten, emasculated, excuse-for-a-man uses diminutives to describe the contempt-filled stalkers who menace him and who would squash him like the bug he is.

If not for YouTube footage of the racially uniform formations terrorizing businesses in Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, in the upmarket area of Streeterville, in Georgetown, Washington, D.C., in Las Vegas, in St. Paul, Minnesota, in Philadelphia, on and on—our studious alien from outer space would be none the wiser about the hue of hatred on Planet Earth. As the man from outer space has surmised, his strange subjects are certainly impervious to facts.

BACK ON EARTH: Was 18-year-old Carter Strange ever told that, as a gangly, ungainly, Caucasian, living in Columbia, South Carolina, he needed to be extra careful? Probably not—not if we go by what the lad’s dad told his child’s attacker. Carter was beaten within an inch of his life by eight blacks, seven of whom are juveniles, the identities of whom the law protects.

To the leader of the pack that intended to dispatch his son to the hereafter, John Strange said this at a bail hearing: “I pray that you get your life right. Find God. If you pray for forgiveness, he will forgive you. I don’t have that in my heart right now. Maybe one day, but not today.”

His boy, Carter, was lying in an ER, comatose, soft features smashed beyond recognition, cranium cracked open to remove a brain clot caused by the beating. Yet Mr. Strange was already exploring a pact with the devil. For to exchange niceties about faith and forgiveness with the embodiment of unrepentant evil is to enable it.

TO THE DATA. Young, white, and poor: The savage crime against Carter Strange is not a statistical outlier.

American youngsters like Carter are more likely than any other age group to be well represented among the reported victims of hate crimes.

This the Bureau of Justice Statistics confirmed in a report issued in 2005, the product of a combined effort of the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCV) and the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program (UCR). Its findings are detailed in my timely new book, “Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons For America From Post-Apartheid South Africa.”

As defined by the report, “an ordinary crime becomes a hate crime when offenders choose a victim because of some characteristic ─ for example, race, ethnicity, or religion ─ and provide evidence that hate prompted them to commit the crime.” (Page 36)

“Hate crimes are extraordinary in unexpected ways. In addition to being among the most serious crimes, NCV data show that approximately 84 percent of these assaults are violent ─ a sexual assault, robbery or simple aggravated assault.” And, “Blacks are less likely than both whites and Hispanics to be targeted for reasons of racial hatred.

A significantly higher percentage of victims of violent racial hatred say their attackers were black.” “Nine out of 10 of them identify their race as the reason blacks targeted them.” “For victims reporting white offenders, [only] about three in ten victims cited race as a motive.”

Moreover, and this is crucial, “The number of black hate crime victims was so small, that is statistically insignificant, that it precluded analysis of the race of persons who victimized them.” (Page 36)

As a perplexed alien from outer space will have noted, data don’t move the impious, progressive people of the West; a different drumbeat does. The tom-tom comes from the talkers on the television. Media megaphones dictate —and all political factions accept—that the category of hate crimes applies de facto to white-on-black crime.

Yet white-on-black hate crimes are practically (and certainly statistically) non-existent. These are manufactured myths.

Mild and meek, vulnerable boys like Carter Strange deserve to be informed of the real dangers they face by the formative figures in their lives. Instead, these errant adults feed these precious people a pack of lies, and enfeeble them with pieties about forgiving unmitigated evil.

July 1

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