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Racialized Islam, ‘Blackism’ And The Racial-Industrial-Complex 12/25/2015
GOP Debate: America-First Alliance Emerges; Neoconservatives Neutralized 12/18/2015
No Wonder The Pols Thinks Businessman Trump’s Crazy, He Understands Scarcity 12/11/2015
In The West, The Inmates Run The Asylum 12/04/2015
ET Weeps For The West 11/25/2015
Continuum Of Propaganda: Yale, Mizzou & Your Child’s School 11/20/2015
Angela Merkel Plots To Overthrow Her People 11/13/2015
From Benghazi To The Abortion Killing Fields 11/06/2015
Cut The Cycle Of Violence Crap 10/23/2015
A Halloween Horror Story In The People’s House 10/23/2015
Burn-The-Wealth Bernie Sanders And His Partial Enslavement System 10/16/2015
Conservatives For Abolishing The Fact Of Evil 10/09/2015
Pope Francis: Lady Di Of The Papacy 10/02/2015
Donald, Stop The Neoconservative’s War Tourette’s 09/25/2015
Trump’s Walking The Culturally Conservative Talk 09/18/2015
Gun Violence’? No! Goon Violence. 09/04/2015
Megyn, Jorge, And A Reaganeque Trump 08/28/2015
Motormouth Megyn Kelly And The Mad Matriarchy 08/21/2015
Trump Could Send The System’s Sycophants Scattering 08/14/2015
Trump The Party Pooper Should Triangulate 08/07/2015
“Hanoi” John McCain 07/24/2015
Rachel Dolezal: The Black-Face Shenanigans Of A Racially Abused Girl 07/17/2015
The Hispandering Effect 07/10/2015
No Trump Apology Tour 07/03/2015
Yankee Supremacists Trash South’s Heroes 06/26/2015
A Candidate To ‘Kick The Crap Out Of All The Politicians’ 06/19/2015
HOLA, Ann Hart Coulter! 06/12/2015
From Purges At National Review To Duggar Pedophilia 06/05/2015
Ask Bush Why The Iraqi Military Won’t Fight 05/29/2015
Iraq Liars And Deniers: We Knew Then What We Know Now 05/22/2015
Savoring Hillary’s Vow Of Silence 05/15/2015
Pamela Geller Offends Shariah Media 05/08/2015
Heroism Or Hedonism? 05/01/2015
The Curse Of Col. Gadhafi 04/24/2015
Remembering The Worst Crimes Against Humanity, Ever 04/17/2015
Libertarian Anarchism’s Justice Problem 04/10/2015
Get Off Your Knees, Gov. Pence! (You’re Not In A Gay Bathhouse) 04/03/2015
The ‘We Need To Have A Conversation’ Malarkey 03/27/2015
What’s Wrong With Asking What’s Up With Russia? 03/20/2015
Race And The American Millennial’s Brain Rot 03/13/2015
Hillary And Her Bipartisan Village Idiots 03/06/2015
Thoughts On Flash Forgiveness 02/27/2015
How Imam Obama Apostatizes Against Islam 02/20/2015
Brian Williams: Member Of Media Circle Jerk 02/13/2015
Whence ISIS? 02/06/2015
The-Camel-Ate-My Homework Theory Of Culpability 01/30/2015
A Modest Libertarian Proposal: Keep Jihadist Out, Not In 01/23/2015
Heresies About The Hebdo Headache 01/16/2015
Steigerwald, Oy Gevalt! 01/14/2015
2014: The Year Of Living Racially 01/02/2015
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