Mateen Was Loud & Proud About His Orientation As Aspiring Muslim Terrorist

Ilana Mercer, June 17, 2016


Democrats are frenetically trying to pass legislation that’ll make it impossible for anyone on the government’s terrorist list to legally purchase a firearm. Their renewed Brownian motion is due to the massacre, last Sunday, of 49 gay club-goers in Orlando, Florida. The Muslim American perpetrator wounded 53 others.

The premise of passing such a law, one would hope, is this: Had mass murderer Omar Saddiqui Mateen been in the “Terrorist Screening Database,” he would not have been authorized to purchase the long gun (AR-15 rifle) and handgun (a Glock) he used in the massacre. Both were bought legally.

Here’s the rub: But for a brief appearance, Mateen was not on the government’s terrorist watch list. He didn’t qualify. But boy, did he try. Mateen gave it his best. Government agents diligently kept him off The List. For Omar Mateen it was near impossible to get on the terrorist watch lists.

He may not have come out as a homosexual, but Mateen was loud and proud about his orientation as an aspiring Islamic terrorist. He did so while safely ensconced in law-enforcement. His career Mateen launched at the Florida Department of Corrections. His duties frequently took him to the St. Lucie County courthouse, in Fort Pierce. Mateen was serving as guardian of people and property when he committed the worst massacre since 9/11.

Since 2007, Mateen had worked at the Florida subsidiary of a multinational British security firm, the largest in the world, and, as we now know, likely one of the worst. Mateen’s (likely Kufar) coworkers described him as “racist, belligerent” and generally “toxic.” G4S responded by transferring the complaining coworkers rather than firing the menacing Mateen.

G4S Secure Solutions has contracts with the Department of Homeland Security. It would appear the company assists DHS in operating the taxpayer-funded, catch-and-release, illegal-alien racket. According to investigative journalist Paul Sperry, many of these offenders are “classified as OTMs—Other Than Mexican—and include … possibly also foreign border-crossers from the Middle East and Pakistan.” In addition, the company provides security in places like Afghanistan and Iraq. (In its dealings, G4S Secure Solutions conjures the fictitious Richard Roper’s cartel. Roper is the villain in The Night Manager, a John le Carré novel adapted for television. With the help of government agents as his conduits for corruption, Roper traffics in arms, drugs and human misery.)

Try as he might, no amount of offense Mateen gave could get him fired. Not even to boast about his alleged connections to al Qaeda, Hezbollah or his yearning for martyrdom. There were derogatory quips about gays and women, too. At the time, the FBI, like G4S, was unfazed. Al Qaeda and Hezbollah are at odds with each other and with ISIS, noodled FBI Director James Comey, post massacre. That Mateen was clueless about the Shia-Sunni divide signaled to the FBI—to the exclusion of all other possibilities—that he wasn’t to be taken seriously as a threat. Comey seemed to think that to be considered a threat, a Muslim Millennial—the beneficiary of an American education—must know the ins-and-outs of Islam’s religious sects. It didn’t occur to Comey and his compadres that killing and said ignorance are not mutually exclusive. It did not occur to Comey that Islam unites all of its factions in hatred of the infidel.

In 2013, pursuant to bandying about his ties to terrorists and boasting of his martyr’s aspirations—Mateen was finally interviewed by the FBI, whereupon he blamed workplace bullying. To Barack Obama’s FBI, that settled it. The boy was a victim.

Twice did our martyr-in-the-making embark on purported pilgrimages to Saudi Arabia. The Hajj pilgrimage requires only one visit to the Saud. As far as we know, Mateen’s pilgrimages didn’t coincide with the annual Hajj. He was likely not circumambulating the Kaaba. To justify his 2011 and 2012 trips to that hellhole, Mateen came up with a lesser obligation, the Umrah, an open-ended Muslim mitzvah, which can easily cover for an aspiring Jihadi’s training schedule. Alas, to the sleuths of the FBI, such thinking would have amounted to conspiracy.

Besides sojourning to Saudi Arabia and talking smack to infidels, Mateen attempted to flag the FBI as follows: On Facebook, he shared an entry of an Imam calling for the death of homosexuals. He claimed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as a soulmate; Osama bin Laden as a relative. He celebrated Sept. 11.

And he worshiped at the mosque that produced another American pioneer, our first exported homicide bomber, Moner Abu-Salha. The Palestinian Abu-Salha lived a stone’s throw from Mateen who knew him. To Comey, this was not a piece of a puzzle, but a discrete, disconnected tidbit to be dismissed as an artifact, a coincidence.

The government agency’s media front men and women insist that there’s nothing here to see. All are agreed that the FBI’s 35,000 agents can’t possibly be expected to surveil 1000 purported suspects. In the private, productive economy that state-of-affairs would portend subpar—make that abysmal—productivity. Try telling the clientele you cater to that the 35 workers in your employ can’t possibly be expected to carry a caseload of … one, for that’s the ratio of workers-to-work the FBI is kvetching about.

The malfunctioning media are not eager to broadcast news that redeems gun owners and damns government agencies tasked with stopping gun-toting terrorists. However, the owner of Lotus Gunworks, in Jensen Beach, had notified the FBI that Mateen sought to purchase “heavy-duty body armor” and bulk ammunition. He did so weeks before Mateen dispatched the 49 patrons of Pulse Orlando. The gun-store owner told the FBI Mateen was rattling into his phone (likely to his bride) in Arabic. The information had no takers.

Light a candle, say a prayer. Move on. That’s what your government and its agents expect you to do. If you are so suited to obedience, remember the following, at least:

The FBI missed the Tsarnaev Brothers of Boston Marathon fame. They missed The Fockers, I mean the Farooks, butchers of San Bernardino, and they missed Omar Saddiqui Mateen, whose actions media are now finessing as those of a latent homosexual-cum-homophobe, fixated on phallic symbols like big guns.

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June 17, 2016

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