ET Weeps For The West

Ilana Mercer, November 25, 2015

In the West, crying and dying is framed as … winning.

Or so an Extra-Terrestrial from Deep Space would conclude, should he look down upon the landmasses that make up The West.

From his worldly perspective, ET will observe that when they are blown up by the Aliens in Their Midst, The West is wont to display mounds of fluffy objects, flowers and candles. Somehow, this ritual is equated with resilience and triumph.

Could it be that this pasty-faced, tearful people believes that displays of inanimate objects that swell landfills will appease their gods? ET is still in the preliminary stages of his implacably objective inquiry. To ET, these perennial, robotic, mass-mourning rituals performed after such strikes are a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, to borrow from Winston Churchill. Any rational creature capable of distilling events to their bare-bones essence would concur.

The hobbled West, the poor French, in particular, is grief stricken. One hundred and thirty compatriots were slaughtered in venues across Paris. The coordinated, Nov. 13 attacks were the handiwork of one Abdelhamid Abaaoud and his band of Islamic State sympathizers, Muslims all. One of the eight evildoers was a refugee, some were European nationals, all were recipients of Western largess.

The sanctimonious literati (not a very literate lot) call Abaaoud a local Belgian boy. The enclaves of Muslims in France they consider as French as the beret and the baguette. But Abaaoud and his brothers, notes ET, who has been around for ages, was Belgian like Jacques Brel was Muslim. (ET’s enormous blue eyes well-up when he listens to Brel’s achingly beautiful “Ne me quitte pas,” sung sublimely by Dame Shirley Bassey. How great was the West, he murmurs.)

The mastermind of the attacks across Paris was part of the young, restive and ingrate Muslim population living on the outskirts of the great European cities and on the fringe of its society; often in housing projects and on welfare, a propensity that doesn’t detract from this group’s prized and protected position in the West.

ET wonders if westerners, a confused lot, believe the Angry Muslims in their midst are gods in need of appeasement. This might explain the furry and fiery offerings on the sidewalks. ET also notes that the Pale Faces have the same crippling reverence for blacks and Hispanics.

With his luminous finger—it works like the Microsoft Surface Tablet pen does—ET scribbles the following furiously: “Are Western ‘leaders’ recruiting this incompatible cohort because they consider them, irrationally, to be gods?”

The lemmings’ leaders—people with names like Obama, Hollande, Merkel, Cameron—use Muslims (as well as Hispanics and blacks), aliens and nationals, to beat their own populations into submission. Fail to accept the flooding of your communities with people of an incompatible culture and a belligerent faith—and the Cultural-Marxist foot soldiers will ruin you with the following labels:

• Racist
• Xenophobe
• White supremacist
• Extreme rightist
• Mean
• Ungenerous
• Ignorant
• Redneck

ET can’t quite fathom why such phrases and words send the earthlings into painful paroxysms. Nevertheless, an earthling would rather die than be called a racist by cultural Marxists.

From his seat in the heavens, ET can see that the soft nations are comprised of supremely kind people, verging on the sanctimonious. Africa, the Middle East, Near East, Far East: As do-gooders go, there is no match for the giving, gullible people of Western Europe, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Wherever you look, the whites of the world are untiring in doing the world’s good works and saving the planet and its creatures.

Yet every other people aside whites is allowed to claim and keep its corner under the sun. Dare to suggest that China, India, Saudi-Arabia, Yemen, Japan, or South-Korea open the floodgates to aliens who’ll disrupt the ancient rhythm of these countries—and you’ll get an earful. Yet this is what Anglo-Americans and Europeans are cheerily called on to do by a left-liberal establishment, which finds the exotic more sympathetic.

True, westerners have the best countries. But the verdant, lush, lovely West is the way it is due to Western civilization’s human capital. The core, founding populations in these countries once possessed the innate abilities and philosophical sensibilities to flourish mightily. Yet despite The West’s generosity to The Rest, its people is the only people to be shamed, ostracized, threatened and maligned when talking about the lands of their forefathers, the beliefs of forebears; the faith and folklore of Founding Fathers.

Another of ET’s insights: No sooner do the pale people question the edicts enforced by hostile, hateful elites—that they must effectively and affectingly invite into their midst still more volatile, culturally incompatible, often dangerous aliens—than leaders in politics, media, academia and “think” tanks start going stir crazy about a thing called “Our Values.”

“We’re risking American dignity,” crowed the generic, telegenic Mr. Muhamad, on Fox News’ Hannity.

In his formidable intelligence, ET asks: What is this collective “dignity” of which you speak, Mr. Mohamad? Who defines it? This communal “dignity” sounds suspiciously like a catechism sculpted by the State and its supporters, to bring about compliance.

ET is getting hot under the scales about this “dignity” thing: Why don’t the foolish opinion formers, summoned by television program-makers, to wield this weapon, ask the dead in Paris whether they’re glad to have died on the altar of this “dignity,” or would they rather have their full, young, promising lives back, instead?

A species of the “dignity” cudgel is the term “This is not who we are.” Barack Hussein Obama has weaponized this collectivist phrase.

A member of what ET terms The Merkel Media, a clone of the American MSM, waxed fat about her country’s “true values”: “An open, democratic society defined by pluralism, equal rights and freedom of expression, belief in the rule of law …”

If so “free” and orderly, ponders ET, why does Angela Merkel’s Germany jail a German grandma, aged 87, for a thought crime (Holocaust denial), while allowing tens of thousands of strangers (“refugees”) to swarm Germany, riot, litter and vandalize, as they go?

In his implacable objectivity, ET intends to further investigate. His soft, sweet heart pounds for the melancholy, mindless men and women of the West. His working hypothesis, so far, is this:

While the ordinary Pale People are the focus of disaffection, responsibility for the carnage lies with leaders in western lands. Westerners are kicked about and killed by Angry Others because their “leaders”—a likely low-intelligence, parasitical sample of humanity—has adopted a two-pronged strategy with which to beat the Pale People into submission and drain the life-blood from them.

The strategy represents two sides of the same neoconservative/left-liberal coin. It was first described, somewhat inartfully, on a site called WND:

On January 16, 2004, recalls ET, the “Return To Reason” cyber column encapsulated the scheme as, “Inviting an invasion by foreigners and instigating one against them.”

Later, on January 25, 2004, another super-smart earthling, Steve Sailer, “turned [that idea] into a neat slogan,” naming the policy, artfully, as “invade the world/invite the world.” This radical strategy permanently destabilizes the homeland and the world and gives western governments all the power, everywhere.

From his worldly perspective, ET gets the Big Picture: For whites, it’s war abroad and hell on earth at home.

Now he is crying. After all, ET almost died without his people.

©ILANA Mercer
 Quarterly Review,,

The Unz Review, The Libertarian Alliance
November 27, 2015


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