Cut The Cycle Of Violence Crap

Ilana Mercer, October 23, 2015


A DAY IN THE LIFE. The Bennett family’s day began with a prayer at “the Western Wall, the holiest site in Judaism.” It ended in the murder of the family’s father, stabbed to death in the Old City as he attempted to save wife and son from the same fate.

A rabbi who rushed to the rescue was knifed to death, too. Twenty-two-year-old Odel Bennett found herself running for her life, a blade in her shoulder, as Palestinian onlookers jeered and spat in her direction.

As widow Odel Bennett convalesced with her toddler at the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, another Jewish woman (an elderly Iraqi) was recovering at Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Hospital from gun and knife wounds similarly inflicted. Her husband lay in the morgue. That couple’s day started on a “Jerusalem city bus, when two Palestinians attacked with knives and a gun,” reported National Public Radio.

Surveillance camera footage uploaded to the Internet show numerous Palestinian-on-Jew attacks in real time. Waiting at a bus stop, these Arabs are wont to turn and plunge a knife into a Jewish neighbor’s back, again and again and again.

Religious imprimatur for the current wave of attacks on Israelis comes from the highest authority in the Palestinian Authority and beyond. In mosques across the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, clerics deliver sermons brandishing scimitars, inciting the faithful to “form stabbing squads and cut the Jews into body parts.”

Mosques enjoy the support of the Palestinian family, school and authority.

UNIDIRECTIONAL VIOLENCE. This time last year—and decades prior—Muslims from East Jerusalem raided a synagogue, killing five Israelis. These unidirectional assaults on Jews are nearly as old as the Tomb of our Patriarch Joseph. Oops: The ancient Nablus shrine was torched, the other day, by Muhammadan peaceniks, acting à la ISIS (in Syria and Iraq).

As the “Independent Media Review and Analysis” has chronicled, “Arab and Palestinian violence against Israel started well before 1967”:

In 1952, when “fedayeen” terrorist border incursions reached their height, there were about 3,000 incidents of cross-border violence, extending from the malicious destruction of property to the brutal murder of civilians. In the years 1951-1955, 503 Israelis were killed by Arab terrorists infiltrating from Jordan, 358 were killed in attacks from Egypt, and 61 were killed in attacks originating from Syria and Lebanon.

To the 2014 “cycle” of unidirectional blood-letting, Barack Obama responded by sharing not his moral outrage, but his penchant for moral equivalence. “The majority of Palestinians and Israelis overwhelmingly want peace,” he intoned.

No wonder the presidential proboscis grew a little, for this is untrue. A preponderance of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza approve of attacks on Israeli civilians. Duly, Palestinians shared sweets and tweets to celebrate the murder of those four rabbis in prayer.

AMERICA, TOO, HAS MET THE MOPE (MOST OPPRESSED PEOPLE EVER). So, what’s new under the sun? Nothing. The sad same old same old. The MOPE is at it again, doing what the Ummah does best.

Muhammadans have honed a comparative advantage in killing. It’s a function of the religion of peace. Not all Muhammadans strive to partake in Jihad, but a statistically significant lot of them is poised to join.

Americans, too, endure perennial punishment by Muhammadan peaceniks. Flash back to July 16 of 2015.

The murdered: Four U.S. Marines
The murderer: Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, 24.
The place: A U.S. Navy facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
The occasion: The conclusion of the Ramadan.

Alas, Israelis seldom extend us the sympathy Americans so dearly deserve. The Muhammadan menace in the U.S. is, by default, downplayed when it’s portrayed by Israelis as part-and-parcel of the cross borne by a multicultural, multiethnic democracy: The U.S.

The largely homogeneous Jewish State is said to be entitled to live free of the Muhammadan menace. Not so our Anglo-American Christian civilization.

Let right-minded Americans remind their Israeli friends, however, that America was not multiethnic and multireligious by birth. Rather, the America we love and need every bit as Israelis love and need Israel has become a balkanized, multiethnic toilet by political design, by force.

This is no way to live. Not for Americans; not for Israelis.

ROOT-CAUSES ROT. Aided by their enablers, habitual offenders rely on “root-causes” theology to excuse their murderous proclivities. Contrary to what pop-analysts in the political and psychotherapeutic realm proclaim, bombs and knives aren’t a response to hopelessness.

In the words of Howard Jacobson of the British Independent, “It is fanaticism of sympathy to grant the power of life and death to those who are dissatisfied, as though unhappiness were a sort of absolution that wiped out every other human obligation.”

In particular is The MOPE (Most Oppressed People Ever) currently deploying the Temple Mount to incite violence against Israeli innocents.

True to type, Al Jazeera tallied the carnage on both sides so as to incriminate Israelis. By Al Jazeera’s definition, the party that wins a fight against a Muslim is the guilty party. The Al-Jaz equation: The more fatalities suffered; the greater the innocence.

To wit, “50 Palestinians have been killed in shootings and clashes with Israeli forces in the occupied Palestinian territories and Israel, while eight Israelis have been killed in knife and gun attacks.”

At the very least, an honest report ought to start from … the starting point: First to be attacked and killed were innocent Israelis. Next to be dispatched, in the course of self-defense, were Palestinian aggressors.

The taqiyya talkers of Al-Jaz tell their viewers that the cause of this last spate of attacks on Jews was “recent visits by Jewish groups to the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in occupied East Jerusalem, coupled with Israeli restrictions on Palestinian access to the mosque, one of Islam’s holiest sites.”

A bald-faced lie—and the exact opposite. The august BBC News, no friend of Israel, attests that Jews [had] been temporarily banned from the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif compound,” whereas all restrictions on Muslim worshipers were “lifted to ease tension during the Muslim Eid al-Adha holiday.”

Deception when directed at non-Muslims, and in furtherance of The Faith, is a tenet of Shari’a law. It’s called taqiyya.

And “Yerushalaim” is the name of the city that was sacred to Jews for nearly two thousand years before Muhammad. Not once is Jerusalem mentioned in the Koran. Muhammad was said to have departed to the heavens from the Al Aksa Mosque, but there was no mosque in Jerusalem. The Dome of the Rock and the Al Aksa Mosque were built on the Jewish Temple Mount. This usurpation was subsequently justified by Muslim theologians by superimposing their relatively recent fondness for Jerusalem upon the existing, ancient sanctity of the place to Jews.

CYCLE, SCHMEICHEL. “Breaking these cycles of violence will require more than self-defense,” noodled the New York Times’ editorial board.

A “long-running conflict,” a “trade in bitter recriminations,” “the cycles of stabbings, shootings, bombings and fear,” chimed America’s mono-cultural media.

“Cycle of violence” suggests an amorphous sequence that has no beginning or end. It is all too clear, however, who initiates the deadly, Pali-Israeli dance.

As a Canadian colleague once astutely observed, “If Palestinians stopped their attacks today, tomorrow there would be no Israeli attacks. But if Israel stopped unilaterally, would you trust the Palestinians to follow?”

©ILANA Mercer
WND, Quarterly Review,,
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October 23, 2015


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