Jihad’s Homegrown Enablers

Ilana Mercer, October 10, 2014


“Is this treason?” asked Megyn Kelly. The Fox News anchor was referring to American citizens who had joined the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and expected to return to the U.S. upon completing their tours of duty abroad.

Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation James Comey believes that “unless [his] passport is revoked,” an American citizen who holds an American passport and who has fought for ISIS—maybe even decapitated a dhimmi or two—”is entitled to come back” to the U.S.  Comey was discussing these American exported fighters for ISIS on “60 Minutes.” He promised to “track them very carefully.” At least, as carefully as the intelligence community tracked the brothers Tsarnaev. Also known as the Boston bombers, the Tsarnaevs’ fealty to their American friends and neighbors drove them to murder three and maim many more.

Judge Andrew Napolitano’s retort, on “The Kelly File,” was (oddly) first to praise this FBI director’s mettle as a man and a lawyer, while disputing the legal grounds for Comey’s odd position: “Comey forgot there’s a statute called providing material assistance to a terrorist organization,” explained Napolitano. “So if he knows that Americans have been fighting with ISIS and he also knows that the secretary of state has declared ISIS a terrorist organization—that is more than enough evidence for him to arrest them upon their re-entry to the U.S. It is crazy to let them back in and wait and see what they do.”

Judging from the tenor of her popular show, Kelly believes that American citizens owe allegiance to the U.S. government. I’d counter that it is to his countrymen—neighbors, coworkers; community—that an American owes his loyalties, as expressed in the practice of civility and non-aggression. The chances are good that a veteran of jihad à la ISIS will reoffend: resort to the intimidation, terrorization, even decapitation of innocents stateside. Thus, based on his criminal history and religious proclivities, the homegrown jihadi ought to be kept OUT of the U.S. The right to venture wherever, whenever is no more than a positive, manufactured right, forfeited on the violation of authentic negative rights.

As to Kelly’s initial question regarding treason: Indeed, the case of FBI Director Comey is clear-cut. He betrays the people who pay for his keep.

Still on the topic of the home-grown jihadi, conservatives are losing their heads over the classification of a Muslim butcher from Moore, Oklahoma. Thirty-year-old Alton Nolen, an angry black man who had converted to Islam and was terrorizing co-workers into doing the same, beheaded a co-worker, at a Vaughan Foods factory. Conservatives say no justice can be had unless it is determined that Nolen is an ISIS-like Islamist terrorist. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, however, is incidental to Nolen’s crime. ISIS might have been a catalyst and an inspiration for the slaughter, but a beheading in the homeland will be inspired by Islam, pure and simple. It’s elementary.

Cautioned Samuel P. Huntington, author of “The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order”: “Islam’s borders are bloody and so are its innards. The fundamental problem for the West is not Islamic fundamentalism. It is Islam, a different civilization whose people are convinced of the superiority of their culture and are obsessed with the inferiority of their power.”

Our taqiyya-talking president—like his predecessor, George Bush—affirms Islam at every turn, most recently in his address to the United Nations General Assembly, on Sept. 24:

“… we have reaffirmed that the United States is not and never will be at war with Islam. Islam teaches peace. Muslims the world over aspire to live with dignity and a sense of justice. And when it comes to America and Islam, there is no us and them – there is only us, because millions of Muslim Americans are part of the fabric of our country.”

The thesis of a great American scholar did ignoramus Obama dismiss with one sentence: “… we reject any suggestion of a clash of civilizations.” Off TV, for they are seldom welcome on the boob tube, other western scholars of Islam have offered more correctives: In Islamic law, ISIS, as caliphate, is allowed to wage offensive Jihad. Islam, moreover, does not prohibit the killing of Muslims. If one becomes a Muslim and one commits adultery, leaves the faith or kills another Muslim—one has forfeited the right to live.

Yet another home-truth: Islam attaches to angry, innately violent individuals, like former inmate Nolen. Thanks to multiculturalist efforts to appease the Islamist lobby, going back to Bush, a Muslim chaplain corps was created in the U.S. military and a front for the Muslim Brotherhood employed to minister to the approximately 20,000 Muslim soldiers. The same sort of religious recruiters—the left calls this “Islamic outreach”—are active in penitentiaries, where there are over 300,000 Muslim inmates, most of them African-Americans. Jails are now the top recruiting grounds for ISIS in the U.S.

Clearly, what matters most is not to identify the Muslim murderer of Colleen Hufford, of blessed memory, as a terrorist, but to point to Alton Nolan’s muse: Islam and the Prophet Muhammad. Then, Nolen should be speedily tried, and his descent into hell hastened.

©ILANA Mercer
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October 10, 2014

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