Boston (And America) Betrayed

Ilana Mercer, April 26, 2013

The Tsarnaev family had been welcomed to America. They didn’t fall through the cracks; they cracked the system. Immigration agencies wanted them here. It mattered not that the family has deep roots in Chechnya, a Shari’a-law dominated anarchy whose chief export is terrorism to Russian cities ~ilana

What if anything did the unspeakably wicked, premeditated, Islam-inspired bombing of the Boston Marathon, on April 15, teach us?

Nothing much at all, other than that we’re immune to learning.

Sh-t happens, the country’s self-anointed cognoscenti keep instructing America. Don’t rush to conclusions. If you’re media, milk Boston for all its worth. If you’re an ordinary American with a pulse, follow your leaders. Or their lick-spittles in the theatre of the absurd that is television news.

In short, everyone is said to be flummoxed about the motive for the murder spree. And, with exceptions on the right, America is marching in lockstep. Evil per se doesn’t exist. Those who do evil, must have been brainwashed, been hard done by, or have been afflicted with a mutation on the “moral gene.”

The putative perpetrators of an act that left three dead and many more maimed are the brothers Tsarnaev. One of these two young Muslim-Americans has already been dispatched. On the lam after the bombings, Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s descent into hell was hastened, on April 19, during a shoot-out with the Boston police.

You should also know that the two brothers’ path to citizenship and permanent residence here was without obstacles—at least, when compared to my own and that of my spouse. This is quite understandable, given the priories and preferences established by the US Managerial State.

To no avail did Russian state security twice practically beg the FBI and then the CIA, in 2011, to place Tamerlan Tsarnaev on counterterrorism watch lists. It was pointless. The FBI turned the Russians down (as the Transportation Security Administration intensified its assaults on grandpa and grandma from the prairie).

Correction: By some circuitous route, the National Counterterrorism Center managed to add Tamerlan’s name to the Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment, or TIDE. But membership in the TIDE fraternity only got Tamerlan an invitation to a bash at the White House.

“Unemployment compensation” for the elder terrorist (who was unable to work on account of vocational training in Dagestan), college aid for junior, cellphones to both courtesy of the feds, attorneys on retainer to field run-ins with the law, housing, hospitalization—you name it, the Tsarnaev brothers got it.

True to type, the government is covering up that the two Tsarnaevs were living off the people they would later boast of killing. “State Protects Terrorists Privacy Rights,” blared the headline in the Boston Herald.

And don’t let Republicans tell you they’d do things differently. Former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton, a favorite of Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren, mocked Russian credibility. “When the Russians come to us and give us the information, you take it with a certain grain of salt,” he smirked at Ms. Van Susteren.“The Russians don’t like the Chechens.”

More to the point, American elites, Republicans included, have always sided with the Chechen cause, helping to carve out “an independent, Islamic republic from the Russian Federation.”Again, there is nothing unusual about the conduct of these individuals and agencies.

As members of the treason class, they have a tradition to uphold. Uncle Sam’s stool pigeons have demonstrated time-and-again how to move swiftly and ruthlessly against law-abiding, patriotic nationals and newcomers (a mission the TSA takes very seriously). But not against the people’s natural enemies.

No other than Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s father warned the FBI in advance about his son, the suspect in the attempted bombing of a Detroit-bound plane on Christmas of 2009. The FBI dismissed dad.

Let us not forget how, acting as “W’s” national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice unblushingly defended the criminal negligence with which she and her intelligence apparatus treated the critical mass of information pertaining to the impending terrorist attacks of 9/11. It was not “actionable intelligence,” caviled Condoleezza; it belonged to the realm of analysis.

Out of Phoenix, a lonely FBI agent, Kenneth Williams, bucked the bureaucracy by providing a very specific memorandum about the bin Ladenites who were training in U.S. flight schools. Over and above the standard indifference with which the memo was handled in Washington headquarters, the FBI made it clear that its mandate was to avoid “racial profiling,” not save American lives.

Likewise, your military’s Jihadi protection program kicked-in to cover for “Major Nidal,” as he was fondly known. Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan of the Army Medical Corps openly proselytized for his faith. But preaching Islam to the traumatized US veterans in his care did not hinder Hasan’s rise through the ranks. Nor did a substandard professional performance undermine Hasan’s employment status, rank, six-figure income, and secret security clearance in the military.”

Major Nidal” made the most of the accelerated career track upon which the military had placed him—going on to commit fratricide at Fort Hood, where he murdered 13 people and maimed 31 for “Allah.”

Face the facts, the Tsarnaev family had been welcomed to America. They didn’t fall through the cracks; they cracked the system. Those manning the alphabet soup of immigration and attendant agencies wanted them here. It mattered not that the family has deep roots in Chechnya, a Shari’a-law dominated anarchy whose chief export is terrorism to Russian cities.

It mattered not that the family’s refugee-status application was probably bogus. Mother Tsarnaev’s stealing imperiled her stay in the US not at all.

Yes, her sons may be “alleged” terrorists, but Zubeidat Tsarnaeva is a bona fide shoplifter and grifter.

Subsequent (and habitual) welfare-dependency and brushes with the law did nothing to hinder the Tsarnaevs’ full acceptance into US society, at all levels (in my experience as an immigrant, Americans themselves are more partial to “exotic” immigrants than to families like mine).

Brain-dead peers (your kids) who “knew” 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, now in custody, are still gushing over an individual who went on to build pressure-cooker bombs, packed with ball bearings and small nails, and to calmly drop one of two such devices at the feet of 8-year old Martin Richard. An “easy going and tolerant” teen is how his dense friends unanimously and emphatically describe Dzhokhar.

On the bright side: Whereas (alleged) terrorist Tamerlan was never at risk of losing his coveted Green Card; my daughter was stripped of hers by “brave” U.S. immigration law enforcers. Yeah, that bandita is finally at bay—turned away at the Canadian border, in a mighty show of force, on a technicality.

This makes perfect perverse sense. My daughter was sponsored by a man—my better half—who is a law-abiding, upstanding recipient of the “extraordinary ability” O-1A Visa.

Genius or grafters? America (and Marco Rubio) has chosen.

& American Daily Herald

April 26

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