Hillary’s Next Blood-Inspired Hoedown

Ilana Mercer, August 3, 2012


If you care about rebels the world over, as Senators John McCain, Joseph Lieberman and Lindsey Graham think you ought to, consider the fate of one brave rebel.

Stacked as they are with The Dictator’s judges, the courts in this rebel’s country want to place him behind bars for shooting a predator on his property. Ursus arctos horribilis is a wild and extremely dangerous carnivore that thrives in the northwestern parts of this dictator’s dominion. The tribesman is guilty of no more than aggressively repelling from human habitat a creature that had become brazen, making itself at home near the man’s six young children, as they frolicked.

It used to be that the country’s tribesmen instilled fear in encroaching beasts, animal and human. But due to decades of cultural and legal emasculation, under a succession of like-minded dictators, the queered men folk are no longer licensed to protect home and hearth. If they do, they risk losing their liberty.

One man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist. Our rebel’s plight would never be popularized by CNN’s Anderson Cooper, or the rest of America’s journalistic priesthood. For he is an American, one among many.

“Jeremy M. Hill, 33, pleaded not guilty in U.S. District Court to killing a grizzly bear with a rifle on his 20-acre property near Porthill, Idaho, at the Canadian border.” At least five of Mr. Hill’s six young kids, ranging in age from 14 years to ten months, were home when their dad killed a brown bear that had gone after penned pigs that the kids had been raising.

I wonder how many Syrian rebels or regulars President Bashar al-Assad has arrested for shooting wild animals that had threatened their families. If given the choice, this scribe would choose the absolute right to defend life and property over the democratic vote, any day.

Fighters for the family and the farm are never “rebels.” Or so Senators McCain, Lieberman and Graham would impatiently insist. Wresting dominion over the distributive state: now that’s the defining battle of an “authentic” freedom fighter.

Speaking of our Syrian soul-mates, the Free Syria Army, aka, “The Rebels.” By now you’ve viewed their handiwork. Purity of arms is not exactly their military or moral motto. In footage uploaded to the Internet on August 2, members of the Free Syria Army were captured committing war crimes. They lined up pro-government militia against a wall in the city of Aleppo, and mowed them down.

Where have we seen a similar scene before? Yes, yes, on YouTube. But YouTube is not a place, America; Libya is.

Backed by American drones and French fighter jets above, another bunch of rebels to whom the US took a shine, intercepted Col. Muammar Gadhafi as he fled his hometown of Sirte, dragged him from his vehicle, and lynched him then and there.

To these rebels’ blood-curdling harangues of “Allahu Akbar,” Hillary Rodham Clinton added her own ululation. “We came, we saw, he died!” cackled the secretary of state in solidarity, when tidings arrived of the actions of her thugs of choice.

America’s three neoconservative amigos, aforementioned, consider the Syrian rebels and the Syrian people one and the same. McCain, Lieberman and Graham advocate providing their side in the Syrian civil war with “weapons, tactical intelligence, communications equipment, financing, medical supplies,” and much more.

Political illiteracy being a precondition for political office, these “three blind mice,” naturally, don’t know Shia from Shinola. Grasping Syria’s ethnic and religious mix is clearly beyond the ken of one John McCain. A new book, “Revolt in Syria: Eye-Witness to the Uprising,” might guide the perplexed in peeling back the onion of the Syrian enigma.

“To put it simply,” writes its Times Literary Supplement reviewer, “the Alawite sect, to which Bashar al-Assad belongs, is favoured by the regime. The Christians are in a similar position. Therefore, both of these groups support the government. The Sunnis are a marginalized majority, so many turn to political Islam to find a voice. The Kurds are non-Arabs in an “Arab Republic.” Many do not feel Syrian and even support Israel. Damascenes are isolated and care little for anything outside Damascus.”

The analysis in “Revolt in Syria” makes it clear that the divisions between the factions are in flux. “There are Sunnis who ‘would die for the president,'” as are there anti-government Christians.

The recent slaughter perpetrated by her preferred sect has yet to elicit Secretary Clinton’s familiar hee-haws. Given her history in Libya, Hillary is likely postponing the hoedown for when her proxies eliminate Bashar al-Assad.

August 3

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