‘You Can’t Fix Stupid’

Ilana Mercer, April 15, 2011

How stupid is President Barack Hussein Obama? Let me count the ways:

Judging from the philosophical pose he struck during Wednesday’s “debt-reduction” address, the president is so stupid as to believe that the “rugged individualism,” “self-reliance,” and “healthy skepticism of too much government”—all qualities he attributed to the American people in that speech — can survive in the shadow of his government.

During his two years in office, Mr. Obama has accrued more debt than any president in American history. Why, in the month of March alone, his souped-up civil servants spent eight times what they collected in tax receipts and revenues. For every year their honcho has been in office, the Obama officials have devoured over a trillion dollars, and will put Americans in hock to the tune of $1 trillion in interest payments alone, by the end of this decade, if not sooner.

How stupid is our president? So stupid as to believe that the governmental juggernaut over which he presides is what connects us a nation, and ensures that “we … do together what we cannot do as well for ourselves.” How stupid is Obama? So stupid as to believe that America became a great country in 1935, which is when the earliest of the Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security entitlements was signed into law. Dummy did, after all, declare yesterday that, “We would not be a great country without [these programs]”?

How stupid is the president of the United States? So stupid as to think that “the rich” are rich because their “country,” by which he means the ruling clique, “has done so much for them,” and that they must, therefore, be compelled “to give back a little bit more.”

That’s like claiming the tick created the dog! Production predates government predation. Government doesn’t produce wealth—it only consumes riches created by others, Mr. president. Besides, the individual is the basic unit of society, without whom there would be no collective. A cleverer man would know that ACORN is the creation of community agitators like himself, not the other way around.

Indeed, backward is our president for reasoning backwards. To wit, if B, then A: if “rich,” then exploitative, but if poor, then exploited. That’s a bad mistake.

Just how backward is Barack? Such an intellectual laggard is the country’s commander-in-chief as to frame the massive spending he is directing as a “key investment in our future.” The wherewithal for the largess exhibited by Mr. Obama’s menagerie of moron has been siphoned off from the private economy (and from China).

How studiously dumb is our president? So dumb as to claim that the real “damage … caused to our nation’s checkbook,” a checking account he controls and we and our Chinese enablers keep in funds, is caused by tax cuts for the rich. In other words, returning some stolen property ̶ that’s what taxes are ̶ to its rightful owners is causing America to go under. That, and not the debt our overweening overlords have accumulated in the course of expanding their jurisdiction stateside and overseas.

A note to anyone who is as gormless as the president: Government is doomed to fail because it is bereft of the constraints private property imposes. The more funds funneled into an insolvent system, in which property is communally “owned” — the greater the squandering of these scarce, precious, appropriated resources.

Most of what the government currently does is financed by borrowing. President Obama spoke at length about his “vision for America.” But if he must beg or steal in order to keep his vision alive, then there is something wrong with this “vision,” and not with its victims.

But, as Ron White, that great satirist from the great State of Texas, teaches, “You can’t fix stupid.” “There is not a pill you can take, not a class you can go to. Stupid is forever.”

April 15

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