Jews Jeopardized By Muslim Immigration

Ilana Mercer, February 16, 2007

Following September 11, immigration from Muslim countries tapered off, but, as the New York Times enthused, it has rebounded with a vengeance: “In 2005, more people from Muslim countries became legal permanent United States residents…than in any year in the previous two decades.” Although Bush is unlikely to allow millions of displaced Iraqis the prerogatives he bestows on illegal Mexicans, the reality is that he is responsible for rendering a Muslim country uninhabitable. This makes it harder for the US to reject Iraqi immigrants and asylum seekers. Starting this year, up to twenty thousand Iraqis will be granted asylum in the US. They will join close to 100,000 “Muslim from countries in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia,” who arrived in 2005.


Immigration (and the war in Iraq) ought to be the most crucial question in the 2008 election. It is the issue that will ultimately decide whether American values and institutions endure. Unfortunately, it’s a debate American Jews can put off no longer, although it’s too late for their European, British, and Canadian brethren. To speak plainly: a gathering danger threatens the Jews of America—to whom George Washington promised peace and goodwill in a 1790 address to a synagogue congregation in Newport, Rhode Island.


American Jewry has “lived up to the standard asked of them by Washington,” observed philosopher David Conway in his inquiry into the “Place of Nations in Classical Liberalism.” But “The stock of Abraham,” which has flourished in the New World—producing uniquely entrepreneurial, creative, and philanthropic citizens—is now threatened by what it perversely promotes: mass immigration. And in particular, immigration from Muslim countries, where anti-Semitism and extremism are imbibed with mother’s milk.


Before 1965, immigration to the US occurred in manageable ebbs and flows, ensuring the new arrivals were thoroughly assimilated and integrated. Multiculturalism was unheard of. In 1965, without voter approval, the US Congress replaced the national-origin immigration criterion, which ensured newcomers reinforced the historical majority, with a multicultural, egalitarian quota system, which divided visas between nations with an emphasis on mass importation of people from the Third World. The new influx was no longer expected to acculturate to liberal democratic Judeo-Christian values. With family reunification superseding economic or cultural requirements, every qualified immigrant would henceforth hold an entry ticket for his entire tribe.


Stephen Steinlight of the Center for Immigration Studies—in “High Noon to Midnight: Does Current Immigration Policy Doom American Jewry?”—courageously (for it runs counter to the views of most of his fellow American Jews) highlights the bizarre situation where entire villages from rural Mexico and the West Bank in Israel have US citizenship. How so? One member qualifies and then imports the entire town. In addition to having huge extended families, Muslims and Mexicans share an anti-Americanism, a tendency to crab about historical grievance and cling to a militant distinctiveness, and a predilection for aggressive identity politics (which the New York Times finds “strikingly positive”). Second only to Latinos, the relatively new (roughly 30-year-old) Muslim community is the most anti-Semitic community in the US, its members harboring the greatest propensity to act on their hatred.


Although Jews don’t benefit in the least from open-door immigration, having long since settled in the US, Israel, and other First World countries, the liberal Jewish community has continued to generously support this policy.


In Canada, Muslims now greatly outnumber Jews. In Europe, what remains of a Jewry devastated by the Holocaust comes under daily assaults and threats, mostly from the 20-million strong Muslim community. American Jewry is next. Although taqiyya-talking Muslim organizations (almost all radical) inflate the numbers, there are still only, approximately, 2 to 3 million Muslims in America to 5.3 million Jews. But mass immigration is rapidly changing that.


Allusions to the rise of a “new anti-Semitism” are misleading, because the violent assaults on Jews and their property in Europe, England, and Canada are nourished by an old hatred rooted in the Qur’an and in anti-infidel Islamic laws. Remember, Muslims invented the yellow rag with which the Nazis tagged Jews. The ghetto, “mellah” in Arabic, was a Muslim-devised gated community for the Jews of the Maghrib back in the 15th century. Not for naught did Maimonides, the 12th century Jewish philosopher and physician, write about the Arabs that, “Never did a nation molest, degrade, debase, and hate us as much as they.”


As Steinlight points out, “It is virtually impossible to be reared in classical Islam and not be educated to hate Jews—based on a literalist reading of the Koran, where many of the Suras concerning Jews are monstrously hateful, murderous, [and] terrifying. …These texts also regard Jews as a spiritually fraudulent entity—all the prophets and great figures of the Hebrew Bible, according to Islamic teaching, were Muslims, not Jews. … With the exception of a tiny group of courageous American Muslims…who have spoken out and condemned … anti-Semitism, the ‘Muslim Street’ in the U.S. has yet to show its disapproval of this philosophical and political agenda.”


Ted Kennedy, the architect of the lemming’s lunacy that is American immigration policy, has hammered the administration for its apathy: “We can no longer ignore the plight of millions of [Iraqi] people… America must respond.” And so should American Jews! So far, however, the exponential growth of the Muslim community through immigration has failed to rally Jewish leaders. Listening to Abe Foxman, you would think that the chief dangers to Jewish continuity are marauding Mormons (who convert dead Jew) or Mel Gibson.  



©2007 By Ilana Mercer

    February 16

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