Mass Immigration & Multiculturalism: What A Riot, Mate!

Ilana Mercer, December 16, 2005

When an Arab torches a school, it’s rebellion. When a white guy does it, it’s fascism,” says French-Jewish philosopher, Alain Finkielkraut. His observation vis-à-vis the riots in France has been validated by the coverage of the “race riots” in Australia. These began in Cronulla, south of Sydney, and soon spread to other beach suburbs, where Anglo-Aussies descended on “people of Arabic and Mediterranean background” in a territorial display of fury.


Hardly a dog of a commentator missed the opportunity to lift his leg in protest against the “white teenagers” and the “racist white mobs.” However, they quickly resumed racially neutral language—and the passive voice—when Arabs were implicated. Thus BBC News reported that “a man [Anglo] was stabbed in the back [by a Lebanese] in south Sydney.”


Yes, the Anglos—also the blokes whose Anglo-Celtic forefathers established Australia’s political order and “civic culture”—were not described as disenfranchised or alienated. Such existential exigencies are the exclusive preserve of the “Lebs” (Lebanese, in local parlance). Or of France’s Noble Savages. In the latter’s case, it took the “mullahs of the media” a good week before they deigned to mention the rioters’ ethnic identity. And even then, reporting was saturated with Rousseauian reverence.


Nor were experts on hand in TV studios or over op-ed pages to “analyze” what might have “driven” young surfer Aussies to alight on the “Lebs” with such anger.


Buried in the clucking about “white racist gangs” were a few richly revealing words, a hint at the straw that broke the koala’s back: Lebanese had brutally beat two Cronulla lifeguards. “The Australian” says lifesavers “epitomize Australia’s white traditions and Anglo-Saxon roots.” Other provocations: Lebanese were in the habit of loitering around bikini-clad white girls, calling them prostitutes and exhorting them to “cover up,” as have they been implicated in a string of racially motivated, gang-rapes of young white girls. The presence among Anglo-Aussies of a camarilla of Sami Al-Arians has done nothing to ease coexistence. Ditto the memory of the 2002 Bali bombing, in which approximately 160 Australians were slaughtered.


For fingering the French rioters as “blacks or Arabs with a Muslim identity,” latte sippers across the Continent labeled Finkielkraut, Europe’s leading conservative philosopher, the “new neo-reactionary.” (Entre nous: I’d garner the same honorific for my roundup on France’s rioters). He had pointed out—and proven—that the rioters were staging an anti-republican pogrom, rooted in a fundamental hatred of France and the French. Rioters had raged to the sounds of Monsieur R’s rapper “lyrics”—“I piss on France,” he rapped, and they did. But did the cognoscenti condemn this racial hatred? Not on your life.


Freedom of speech is heavily proscribed in Europe and Australia. Aussies and Europeans can end up jailed and jobless for mouthing about Muslims (but not the reverse). So Finkielkraut recanted (and Oriana Fallaci fled).


As in France, Australia’s Muslims have inflicted on their hosts harm that exceeds by far the scratches and other scurrilities they suffered from the surfers. Soon after the riots erupted, a Uniting Church hall adjacent to a mosque was burned to the ground and four churches in Sydney’s southwest were attacked. A Catholic Archbishop has had to entreat Middle Easterners not to target Christmas celebrations, after these hoodlums threatened, spat on, and shot at parents and kids who convened to sing carols at a primary school in western Sydney.


Decades of indoctrination by the “managerial professional elites” were supposed to emasculate the surfer dudes for good. They were expected to toke it up or turn the other cheek. Instead, they fought back against what they perceive as a threat to their land and life.


A threat that commenced approximately 40 years ago, when Australian central planners decided in favor of mass importation of immigrants from the Third World. Hitherto, a limited and selective immigration policy had guaranteed newcomers reinforced the ethnic and cultural composition of the founding folk. If this sounds familiar, it’s because “Camelot knight-errant” Ted Kennedy engineered a similar coup in the United States.


The statist revolution was (and still is) directed from above by a treacherous political class which has shared the ideological cockpit with “intellectuals” (a misnomer, if ever there was one), who hate their country’s history and inhabitants (aboriginals excluded). This hatred has fueled their quest to marginalize North-Western Europeans, whose “culture” has facilitated “the fundamental constitutional norms associated with the rule of law, representative government and individual rights,” to quote Andrew Fraser (now banned in Oz).


An 18-year-old Anglo, wearing mirrored sunglasses and a baseball cap, arrived on the beachfront riding an undersized push-bike. As he sifted a fistful of sand through his fingers, he told “The Australian”:


“This is what we’re fighting for. Like our fathers, our grandfathers, fought for these beaches and now it’s our turn.”  


More bathos than pathos, perhaps. But not half bad, considering this parting shot comes from someone who was raised on a diet of state-sponsored multiculturalism and cultural relativism, and who has been taught to hate his heritage.



©2005 By Ilana Mercer

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   December 16

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