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The Obama Media Orgy

The wickedly sharp "Onion" recently introduced Americans to Cooter Obama, Barack's lovable "Hillbilly Half-Brother" "The overalls-clad, straw-chewing Kentuckian," who had dropped out of "chicken-killing school because an air conditioner fell on his head," was not shy of "chasing his troublemaking pig, Mbogo, in the nude in the background of Obama's CNN interview on the importance of education."

As you can well imagine, Cooter's colorful antics at Obama rallies did not sit well with the Illinois Senator and his campaign. Michelle didn't much care either for the Moonshine-brewing Cooter, whose childhood nickname for her husband is "Ol' Jelly Legs."

Satire aside, there is a Kenyan Cooter, only he isn't half as happy-go-lucky as his imaginary, American half-brother. According to the Daily Telegraph, George Hussein Onyango Obama is the youngest of the presidential candidate's half-brothers, sired by Barack Hussein Obama Sr., Obama's late father, and a woman named Jael. He lives in a corrugated shack in the shanty town of Huruma on the outskirts of Nairobi.

The 26-year-old George Obama subsists on less than a dollar a month. By the looks of his three-meter dwelling, Brother Barrack and that Sister of Mercy Michelle have not lent a helping hand. The two had met with George during a visit to Africa they embarked on with their daughters two years back. About his meeting with Barack, George Obama noted: "It was like meeting a complete stranger."

To his great credit, George Obama is a proud man, not a beggar. Although manifestly in need, he has not asked for a hand-out from the brother who valorizes the power of hand-outs … from the State, that is. About the couple's paucity in private giving, Andrew Breitbart writes this: "Mr. Obama and his wife, Michelle, have consistently fallen short of the national average in charitable contributions since they entered the highest income bracket."

Odd that is, because during her schmaltzy speech at the Democratic National Convention, Michelle Obama dogmatically recited the need to transform "the world as it is" to "the world as it should be." She and her husband have been working on a central plan to better the world. Alas, changing George Obama's fortunes is not in the blueprints. (How about some ill-fitting hand-me-downs, at least?)

As hard as it is to lend spiritual credibility to Michelle's hubristic insolence, those with messianic complexes like hers might contemplate the Jewish concept of tikkun olam. It sounds grandiose—it means repairing the world—but it was intended as a humble and modest thing. It is the duty of the individual to help, bit-by-bit, to bring about a better world through unassuming, day-to-day righteous acts.

The idea of charity is to improve society, not the State; and to do so through personal, not political, acts.

The story of Obama's destitute sibling broke in Italy, England and Australia before the American "parrot press" was willing to run with it. When it finally aired in the US, tight-lipped TV front men and women presented footage of George Obama as though he were some exotic exhibit, unconnected to his flesh-and-blood brother. If there was a lesson about Barack Obama in the interstices of George's sad story, Obama's followers were unwilling to ferret it out.  Naturally, Obama was spared any embarrassment.

The same media characters recently gave Bush, their bęte noire, an undeserved and uncharacteristic break. All liberals ignored his hypocrisy with respect to the conflict that roils Russia and Georgia.

Easily one of the mind-boggling displays of the conflict was that of Bush accusing Russia of "bullying and intimidation"; of Bush admonishing Russia about its unacceptable "way of conducting foreign policy in the 21st Century"; of Bush expressing "grave concern" about Russia's "disproportionate response"; and of Bush condemning the violation of the territorial integrity of a sovereign nation.

Pot. Kettle. Black: Bush may have been addressing Russia but he was also describing his actions in Iraq. Another of Bush's Freudian projections and hypocrisies all rolled into one was to charge Russia with pursuing "a policy that promises only confrontation and isolation."

Since the clash in Georgia is one neoconservatives and liberals can get behind, both factions–and their quislings and collaborators in the media–chose to ignore Bush's latest burlesque.

On a less glum note, by my calculation, the friendly (fictional) Cooter Obama would probably part with a dead chicken and a flask for George Obama sooner than Barack could be parted from his cash.

   August 29, 2008

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