Book, The Trump Revolution by Ilana Mercer
The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed
(Forthcoming, June 2016)

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ET Analyzes Paris/Belgium Attacks & Weeps For The West
“Every other people aside whites is allowed to claim and keep its corner under the sun. Dare to suggest that China, India, Saudi-Arabia, Yemen, Japan, or South-Korea open the floodgates to aliens who’ll disrupt the ancient rhythm of these countries—and you’ll get an earful. Yet this is what Anglo-Americans and Europeans are cheerily called on to do.” [Read On].


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Brexit is a harbinger of things to come. Donald Trump will be the next president of the US. Go Britons! Once again, Britain leads the way: In “Brexit, Britain Votes with Trump, against Hillary, Obama.” AND, let it be said, against ISLAM and the absence of borders. Look, #Brexiters look like #Trump rally goers. Sweet. [...Read On]

Liberty is associated with a dispersion of political power, never its concentration and centralization. Adding an overarching tier of tyrants—the EU—to the British government benefits Britons as a second hangman enhances the health of a condemned man. (From “Adieu to the Evil EU.”) I fail to understand the convoluted logic of the libertarian article, “Why [...Read On]

Yes, the greatest deliberative body in the world, the U.S. House of Representatives, has gone the way of the anti-Trump, my-speech-or-no-speech rioters, the Black Lives Matter (Only) mobs, and the Occupy Wall Street encampments. Joined by Hillary Clinton on Twitter, Democrats are staging a sit-in on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, demanding [...Read On]