Into the Cannibal's Pot
Into the Cannibal’s Pot:Lessons for America from
Post-Apartheid South Africa

“If you want to witness the end result of what in America is called ‘diversity’, you must read ‘Into the Cannibal’s Pot’.”
– Thomas J. Dilorenzo

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Iraq Liars & Deniers: We Knew Then What We Know Now
“The meme, ‘If we knew what we know now, we would not have gone to war in Iraq,’ is false; a lie. We most certainly knew what we know now as far back as 2002, which was
when this column wrote … Indeed, there were many
experts, credible ones, who categorically rejected the contention that there were WMD in Iraq. But they were silenced” […Read On].


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Promises, promises. A wealthy bombast called Barry Diller has promises what actor Alec Baldwin promised before him: to leave the US should his political nemesis ascend to the throne. In Baldwin’s case it was W The Shrub. In Diller’s case it’s Donald Trump. Just as Barack Obama has done, Bush brutalized America for eight lean [...Read On]

The work sailors do is so very dangerous and courageous. The cargo ship El Faro that sank in the Caribbean could very well have confronted The Giant Wave of “The Perfect Storm.” Vessel and crew went missing near the Bahamas last week, during a hurricane, Joaquin, which whipped up 130 mph winds: Together with “Orca” [...Read On]

“Well-written, meticulously researched and thought-out, Sea Changes, Derek Turner’s first novel, succeeds mightily in bringing to life the prototypical players in the Western tragedy that is mass migration. The reader becomes intimately au fait with the many, oft-unwitting actors in this doomed stand-off: small-town conservative folks vs. progressive city slickers; salt-of-the-earth countrymen against smug, self-satisfied [...Read On]