Into the Cannibal's Pot
Into the Cannibal’s Pot:Lessons for America from
Post-Apartheid South Africa

“If you want to witness the end result of what in America is called ‘diversity’, you must read ‘Into the Cannibal’s Pot’.”
– Thomas J. Dilorenzo

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ET Analyzes Paris Attacks & Weeps For The West
“Every other people aside whites is allowed to claim and keep its corner under the sun. Dare to suggest that China, India, Saudi-Arabia, Yemen, Japan, or South-Korea open the floodgates to aliens who’ll disrupt the ancient rhythm of these countries—and you’ll get an earful. Yet this is what Anglo-Americans and Europeans are cheerily called on to do” […Read On].


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Nobody should try and turn the notion of impeaching George Bush for the crime of Iraq into a fringe, oddball idea. Those of us, members of the libertarian community, who chronicled every stage in Bush’s pathological and illogical will to war in Iraq, know the notion of impeachment to have had legal and moral merit. [...Read On]

“Be it Hillary or burn-the-wealth Bernie—both agree that it is up to them, the all-knowing central planners, to determine how much of your life ought to be theirs to squander. Democratic socialism, under which we already labor today in the USA, turns on Karl Marx’s maxim, “From each according to his ability, to each according [...Read On]

Fox News entertainer Megyn Kelly slobbered and fawned over actor Richard Dreyfuss for being so “courageous” and intellectually curious as to attend a Ted Cruz rally. Talk about awarding Brownie Points for nothing. Ridiculous. The pompous little man whose ancestors were all socialists then got to tell the show girl and her viewers this: KELLY: [...Read On]